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In December 2018, Deadline reported that at the time of the exposure of Harvey Weinstein, UK comedian Sacha Baron Cohen had filmed an interview with a concierge in Las Vegas who had offered to help him find a lawyer to assist with VIPaedophile difficulties. Sacha Baron Cohen then asked whether the concierge could find him an underage boy as a date and the concierge agreed. His team turned his video footage over to the FBI "because we thought, perhaps there's a paedophile ring in Las Vegas that's operating for these very wealthy men, and this concierge had said that he’d worked for politicians and various billionaires." The FBI did not seek prosecution.[1][2]



2017 Las Vegas shootingThe most deadly mass shooting in US history, one about which many questions - most particularly "Why?" - remain unanswered. The original official narrative of a single "lone nut" shooter was confused as of February 2018.
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