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Document:2017 Report into Malteser InternationalA leaked official Knights of Malta report by an independent commission of experts looking into questionable activities of the Knights' main German-based medical and emergency relief service operating worldwide under the name Malteser International. It shows conclusively that Malteser has consistently violated Catholic teaching, under the responsbility of Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager during his long tenure as Grand Hospitaller.
Document:All Roads Lead to Dark Winter
Document:An assessment of RT in the Middle East and North Africa: April 2018An assessment of RT in the Middle East and North Africa: April 2018
Document:Background to the Simulation Seminars
Document:Beverfoerde ReportA leaked, explosive confidential report written by Baron von Beverfoerde to the Council of the German Association, based on his extensive interviews with Cardinal Patron Raymond Burke.
Document:Blogs and Military Information Strategy
Document:Brzezinski's Black Room Report to president CarterUS National Security Advisor Brzezinski's plans for regime change in Iran, including many methods and covert tactics that are familiar 40 years later.
Document:Caritas Pro Vitae Gradu TrustA leaked memorandum by Marc Odendall on the mysterious 120 million Swiss franc trust that has been central to the Order of Malta's 2016/17 Constitutional crisis and power/money grab. Both the Knights of Malta and the Vatican have been working in the shadows to get their hands on shares of this money of "anonymous" (and highly suspect) origin.
Document:Chris Donnelly Paris Brussels May 2016 v2Chris Donnelly talks to his French II connections. "They think our main target needs to be the parts of the political class and the security structures 'where the rot is'"... "As an independent NGO we can do things they can’t do and national governments can’t do"
Document:Collateral Damage 911How 9/11 buried "the biggest financial crimes in history". An analysis of the highly complex web of US/UK covert operations and criminal banking activities going back to WW2, suggesting Western complicity in the collapse of the Soviet Union and the subsequent looting of Soviet industry. The ostensible settlement/roll-over for these instruments were dated through September 2001 and would have clinched several high-level criminal investigations had they been allowed to settle normally.
Document:Combatting Russian DisinformationA truly astonishing II document, with a lot of dirty methods. It is written by an established covert French propaganda network, spreading more than a 1000 stories a month, offering to work for II. "our ability to publish articles across hundreds of credible media outlets means that any campaign we undertake will have far more sway than the content published only on state-sponsored outlets RT and Sputnik, and their local few allies."
Document:Communism by the Front DoorAccount of an early morning raid by eight police officers on the author's home where she lives alone and which was followed by questioning and detention in custody until the evening, when she was released under the terms of her pre-existing police bail.
Document:Covert Action in Chile, 1963-73A Church committee report of the hearings before them to study governmental operations with respect to intelligence activities of the United States Senate. A very thorough, but lengthy, investigation into CIA activity in Chile. Includes numerous instances of media manipulation and propaganda in the millions of dollars.
Document:Ed Wilson's RevengeAn example of how plausible deniability worked for the CIA - their 3rd most senior CIA official produces an affidavit that they had had no dealings with Edwin Wilson since 1971. Although legions of insiders knew this was a lie, the court accepted it. Finally exposed as a lie almost 20 years later, all those who lied in court are given immunity.
Document:Framing Russian meddling in the Catalan questionAn example of Projection by the Integrity Initiative. The Moncloa operation shows that the group itself has been involved in subverting the Spanish political process. This document accuses Russia of involvment in the Catalonia independence question.
Document:Human Rights Record of the United States in 2013A report on the Human rights record of the USA through 2013. An official publication of the government of the Peoples Republic of China. A response to the hypocricy of the US government in publishing similar reports on 200 countries and excluding itself - Clearly the US considers itself exempt in such matters.
Document:Human Rights in the USA
Document:II Network Skripalmedia feedback from II members in smaller countries to HQ in London in Skripal affair
Document:Institute for Statecraft project on Russian influence - Impact as at 19 04 2016A list of stories II has planted in media per April 2016, some openly, some secretly, like "Trolls on the Kremlin Payroll"; plus a number of youtube lectures with a lacklustre number of unique views.
Document:Integrity Francea partial list of II-France members. For complete list, see Integrity Initiative/Cluster/France
Document:Integrity Initiative Weekly Report 16th to 22nd July 2018input into media documentaries and fictional entertainment, including specific topics
Document:Integrity Initiative Weekly Report 9th to 15th July 2018
Document:Integrity initiative: Notes on discussions in GreeceII looking hard for Russian influence. It "is insidious but everywhere, so it is difficult to pinpoint..Their funding is difficult to identify."
Document:Is The BBC Anti-Labour?Paddy French's antidote to John Ware's Panorama programme "Is Labour Anti-Semitic?"
Document:Jewish terrorism in UN-mandate Palestine 1945-48Timeline-type list of Jewish violence in 'UN-Mandate Palestine' from 1945 to 1948 inclusive.
Document:Logistical and Technical Exploration into the Origins of the COVID-19 virusReport of a thorough investigation into the origins of the virus that caused the pandemic. Whilst the author is circumspect, the evidence presented points clearly to the virus being the product of laboratory engineering.
Document:M23 and the unseen high-tech genocideExposé of the criminal deceptions of Western NGOs and their sponsored African elites in the exploitation of African mineral resources
Document:MacGuire Denies Butler ChargesWhat was to become the US Deep state promoted official narrative of the Business Plot, that it never happened.
Document:Military measuresA list of suggested military measures to Ukraine in 2014, including "Mine Sevastopol harbour/bay"
Document:Old Sarum Secrets
Document:Post Trip Report Stratcom event 11-13th June 2018Participants telling of several meeting with fellow information warriors in Riga, esp. British and Dutch. Ad bureau Saatchi working for US State Dept.
Document:Private discussion with Gen Sir Richard BarronsFormer leader of British forces Richard Barrons sketching out military needs. "The 1st offset in the 1950s was through nuclear weapons. The 2nd was precision munitions in the 1980s. The 3rd offset today is to use information technologies to build new capabilities".."The Army understands the importance of information warfare and 77 Brigade is right" ..So we should them [our allies], especially the US, to tell us what is expected of us."
Document:Project MonarchA brief, authoritative introduction to Project Monarch
Document:Questions Plague UN Report on Syria
Document:Release of the Lockerbie PrisonerA report by the official UN Observer of the Lockerbie Trial in the Netherlands, commenting on the release on compassionate grounds of the only person convicted in the Lockerbie case.
Document:Russia and the Italian Elections"For internal use only". Analysis of Italian election meddling - where some political parties apparently are trying to influence public opinion: "In Italy, appears evident that the promotion of a strategy to spread disinformation and to influence the Italian political opinions, has been limited and came much more from national populist parties, rather than from Russia or whatsoever foreign country."
Document:Severe humanitarian disasters caused by US aggressive wars against foreign countries
Document:Shell Game, A Whistleblowing Report to the United States CongressA report to congress
Document:Simon Bracey – Lane Role Trajectory and TargetsII--member Simon Bracey–Lane tells of his large role in developing cells ('clusters') in several countries, including USA. Lithuania, Greece. and Western Balkans (this is the guy who infiltrated the Bernie Sanders campaign)
Document:Skripal Case ItalyConclusion: "To counter this Italian trend it’s important to properly address the key political leaders, their new populist parties, and key editorialists, by an effective, discrete and articulated information campaign and narrative and not to be exclusively focused on trolls and fake news."
Document:Syria Turkey Israel and a Greater Middle East Energy WarA comprehensive report on the struggle to control Middle East oil and gas, exposing the plans behind Western/Israeli diplomatic and military activity towards Syria & Iran. The current state of affairs accords very closely with a publication of the Brookings Institution's "Saban Centre for Middle East Studies" - the PDF of which was removed from the Brookings web site in early October.
Document:Syria has ChangedHow the mass of the Syrian population has woken up to the reality of foreign supplied controlled and financed jihadis as the fundamental problem facing the country
Document:The Atomic Victims as Human Guinea Pigs
Document:The German Cluster − Interim Report –Overview of the German cell of Integrity Initiative; lots of journalist and old Cold War intelligence workers.
Document:The Russian Party in FranceEveryone in France not following the strict pro-American NATO-line is a "linchpin of the Russian networks" because "we are dealing with a strategy of pre-conquest."
Document:Truth lies and Afghanistan
Document:Turkey ambushed Su24 using information supplied by USCommander-in-Chief of the Russian Aerospace Forces, General Bondarev, presents facts of the attack on the Russian Su-24M aircraft carried out by Turkish F-16 fighters in the sky over Syria on 24 November 2015
Document:UK Intelligence And Security Report, 2003A compendious summary of the UK Intelligence And Security agencies, including people, events and places.
Document:UN expert says "collective persecution" of Julian Assange must end now“In 20 years of work with victims of war, violence and political persecution I have never seen a group of democratic States ganging up to deliberately isolate, demonise and abuse a single individual for such a long time and with so little regard for human dignity and the rule of law,” Professor Melzer said. “The collective persecution of Julian Assange must end here and now!"
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