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(pilot, 9-11/Premature death)
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BornPietro Raffa
25 May 1957
Cleveland, Ohio, US
Died2 December 2001 (Age 44)
Cause of death
Heart attack
An Air National Guard commander in Toledo, Ohio. Died 3 months after 9/11 from a heart attack, aged 44.

Lt. Col. Pietro "Pete" Raffa was Commander of Operations of the 180th Fighter Wing, part of the Air National Guard, in Toledo, Ohio. Planes from Toledo were asked to intercept on 9-11, possibly Flight 93, or Delta Air Lines Flight 1989 - which was considered to have been hijacked at the time.

11 September 2001

Full article: 9-11/Flight 93

The Pentagon[citation needed] and news reports say the interceptors scrambled at 10:17,[1][2] so they were unable to intercept Flight 93 (which crashed by varying accounts at 10:03 am - 10:10 am), or Delta Air Lines Flight 1989, which landed 10:18 am.[3] These F-16's were loaded with 500 rounds of 20-caliber ammunition for the M-61 cannon.[4] Later on, while in the air, they are told that: "if you have a non-military aircraft moving toward a population center, you are clear to engage".[2]

There is conflicting information about whether Flight 93 was pursued by interceptors,[5][6][7] but if so, it was likely not out of Toledo.


"Pietro “Pete” Raffa, the Perrysburg High School varsity boys' soccer coach and an Ohio Air National Guard commander, died of an apparent heart attack last night in St. Luke's Hospital.".[8][9][10]


History of Terry Thompson Scholarship and the Pete Raffa Memorial Tournament [11]

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