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"Fake News""Fake news website" is a meme started after the 2016 US election, to disparage websites that dissent from the opinions expressed by commercially-controlled media.
Big liePropaganda technique.
CensorshipThe organised suppression of information, increasingly being resorted to by large hierarchical organisations such as the nation states intent on preserving public credulity in their official narratives, many of which are at ever greater variance with reality.
DeplatformingAnti-free speech concept. A part of censorship, particularly on social media.
Enemy imageA misleading view of a person or people, which hampers reconciliation and real communication
Gish gallopA rhetorical technique that involves overwhelming the opponent with as many arguments as possible, with no regard for the accuracy, validity, or relevance of those arguments.
Limited hangoutA propaganda technique to try to suppress the revelation of secret information.
News blackoutEvents of significance that are not reported about by the commercially-controlled media; or so little reporting is done, that it basically comes down to the same.
Official narrativeThe "Official Narrative" is the cover story of "the powers that be". On Wikispooks this generally means the story intended for citizens of the so-called 'Western Democracies'. This could be the truth, but the term is usually reserved for use in cases in which it departs significantly from the truth (which may be be unclear or completely unknown, cover by a veil of official lies).
Orwellian languageLanguage chosen to hide rather than expose the truth.
Public interest
Reinforcing by condemning
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