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"“Terrorist”, “Conspiracy theorist”"
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(Internet celebrity, YouTuber, Activist)
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BornLauren Cherie Southern
16 June 1995
Victim of • Demonetization
• Internet censorship
Interests • Censorship
• Great Replacement
• Identitarianism
Lauren Southern is a Canadian activist. Probably the most famous personality in the Culture war of the late 2010s.

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In office
March 2015 - Present

Lauren Southern is an Internet Celebrity.

She was banned from entering the UK, Australia and New Zealand. An enemy of the United Nations apparently; she however has not lost her Youtube channel, even her supportive interview with Martin Sellner from 2017 still being hosted on the platform.[1]

Early life

She was born in Surrey, British Columbia.

Official narrative

Alt-right conspiracy theorist.

Attacked by the CCM for her opposition to NGOs.

Wikipedia article is a hit piece.

Online fame

She did cosplay before she became an activist.[2][3][4][5][6][7]

Her first video "Why I Am Not A Feminist", appeared on the the Rebel News YouTube channel in April 2015.

She became famous after asking feminists questions at the SlutWalk in 2015. Early criticism of Black Lives Matter.

Ran for Parliament as a Libertarian in November 2015.

Worked at Rebel News until March 2017.

Banned from PayPal and Patreon for letting off a flare.

She met Aleksandr Dugin in Russia.

Jacinda Ardern said she was not welcome in New Zealand. She was also attacked by cabinet ministers and mayors.[8]

She retired in 2019.

Lauren Southern and Destiny in 2022

Post retirement

She returned in June 2020. She had gotten married and had a baby boy.[9]

She is now a contributor to Sky News Australia.

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