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(Spook, polyglot, researcher?)
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ResidencePrague,  Czech Republic
Alma materUniversity of Leiden, Simon Fraser University, Clingendael
Founder ofIntegrity Initiative/Cluster/Netherlands
Member ofThe Hague Centre for Strategic Studies
A member of the HCSS who unknowingly revealed some members and their link to the summer conference where the Dutch Cluster of the IfS was started.

Employment.png Assistant Intern Analyst

In office
February 2017 - August 2017
Worked with Tim Sweijs, Koen van den Dool and Rianne Siebenga and Sijbren de Jong.

Employment.png Conference Organizer

In office
May 2017 - June 2017
As part of the HCSS, co-organized a conference held at the Dutch Ministry of Defence in The Hague, which included three panels of "top experts in the field of Russian Disinformation and European Security". The event was sponsored by NATO, TNO, and The Institute for Statecraft.

Employment.png Reinsurance broker

In office
August 2019 - July 2019
Location Prague.

Employment.png Commercial Partnerships Manager

In office
2019 - 2020
"Support in identifying and maintaining relationships with potential retail and brand experience clients on a national and international level. • Coordinating and managing the entire process from client acquisition to contract signing." In Prague, Czechia.

Employment.png Research Fellow

In office
2021 - Present
In Prague, Czechia

Katharine Gabriella Klačanský became a person of interest after working as an intern-analyst for the Hague Centre for Strategic Studies or HCSS.


Klačanský achieved a degree in Political Science and Government & International Affairs in 2015 at Simon Fraser University. In 2018 she gained a Masters in International Relations and Diplomacy at Leiden University. Proficient in French and Slovak as well, she was selected an intern after a spell at a human rights non-profit organization defending rights of migrants and refugees in the Czech Republic, who had arrived since NATO bombed Yugoslavia[1]. As part of her study, Klačanský was enrolled at the Clingendael Institute.

Screenshot 2021-01-02 Katharine G Klacansky - Business Development Manager – Commercial Real Estate - Y amp;T Luxury Proper...(1).png


Klačanský wrote on her deleted Twitter account; "Attending a debate with top academics and experts in the field of #PoliticalScience, #internationalsecurity, and #militarystrategy. On the panel includes my ex colleague @TimSweijs from the HCSS".

Sijbren de Jong and Klačanský worked on a piece for the HCSS how to "counter Russian disinformation" in 2017.[2] Klačanský set up the Dutch summer conference named Answering Russia's Strategic Narratives with the Dutch MoD, TNO & HCSS in The Hague along with her colleague Rianne Siebenga working under Sijbren de Jong. After the First Integrity Initiative Leak leading to the exposure of their part in the Integrity Initiative, Klačanský was the only one that did not delete the following piece for her LinkedIn resume[3];

Copyright claim

In January 2021, Katharine Klačanský's photo was removed from this site after she claimed copyright of the image[From where?]. Klačanský also removed the section from her LinkedIn profile detailing her part as conference organizer[4].


Klačanský her Twitter account was deleted following her undisclosed spell after the Dutch cluster of the Integrity Initiative was publicly exposed and she left the HCSS. Fascinatingly enough, she opened a new account in April of 2021.

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