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"In January 2021, Katharine Klačanský's photo was removed from this site after she claimed copyright of the image[From where?]."

Hello Robin, Interesting, but would you be willing to explain what this means just to be sure? Did she file a notice? Did someone else did it? The image is from her current employer - A Czech estate agency, how did they find us? I think because the page is third in google results. Very interestingly to note is that she has deleted her LinkedIn (from the Czech page that is) and several twitter messages where she's pictured with military officials during her tenure for the Ifs. Some not even on her own timeline. So....are we on to something here? That brings me to the second question; what to do now? Just add a new picture from a different source? Sadly for her, I have them. That's be no problem. But please let me know. Jun (talk)

As long she won't contact us, I'll just follow your guidance and leave the pic out for now. Let me know when she does. Jun (talk)