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Group.png United States Naval Academy  
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MottoEx Scientia Tridens
(from knowledge, sea power.)
Parent organizationUS/Navy
TypeUS Service Academy
Other nameMidshipmen


Employee on Wikispooks

Robert KaplanVisiting professor20062008


Alumni on Wikispooks

John Allen15 December 1953USSpook
Deep state operative
A Retired US Marine Corps 4 star General
George Anderson15 December 190620 March 1992Diplomat
Admiral in the United States Navy and a diplomat. As the Chief of Naval Operations between 1961 and 1963, he was in charge of the US blockade of Cuba during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.
Richard Armitage26 April 1945USSpook
Deep politician
"A sophisticated member of the top echelons of the U.S. government"
Dionel M. Aviles23 January 1961USMarinerUnited States Under Secretary of the Navy 2004-2009.
Dennis Blair4 February 1947SpookRay McGovern wrote in 2010 that Blair was sacked as Director of National Intelligence because he "did not show the malleability"
Ted N. Branch22 April 1957MarinerDirector of Naval Intelligence 2013-2016, although barred the entire time from access to classified information because of a corruption investigation.
Albert Calland1952USSpook
US Naval Special Warfare officer who was Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency 2005-2006.
Jimmy Carter1 October 1924Author
As US President posed problems for the US Deep state but was unsuccessful in his efforts to rein it in
William J. Crowe2 January 192518 October 2007Diplomat
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the late 1980s, under Frank Carlucci & Dick Cheney
John H. Dalton13 December 1941
James Ellis20 July 1947USMarinerRetired US Navy admiral, then Lockheed Martin. In 2018 he was appointed Chairman of the User’s Advisory Group to the US Vice President’s National Space Council; the 2019 Bilderberg had "The Importance of Space" as a topic.
Eugene Fluckey5 October 191328 June 2007USSpookDirector of Naval Intelligence 1966-1968.
Noel Gayler25 December 191314 July 2011USSpook
Director of the National Security Agency from 1969 to 1972, and Commander of Pacific Command from 1972 to 1976.
David C. Gompert6 October 1945Spook
L. Patrick Gray18 July 19166 July 2005SpookActing Director of the FBI
Jack Hawkins25 October 191617 May 2013SpookEmployed by the CIA for the military planning, training of Cuban exiles, and the effective military command of forces in the Bay of Pigs Invasion of Cuba in April 1961.
John S. McCain Jr17 January 191122 March 1981MarinerWar hawk US admiral, responsible for multiple invasions
Frank B. Kelso II11 July 193323 June 2013MarinerStrategic Submarine Division, later United States Secretary of the Navy
James Lyons28 September 192712 December 2018MarinerU.S. admiral who played a central role in the Reagan escalation of the Cold War. In 2018, he wrote a column about the murder of Seth Rich, saying it had "all the earmarks of a targeted hit job".
Robert McFarlane12 July 1937Spook
Ross Perot27 June 19309 July 2019Politician
US businessman politician who withdrew from the 1992 US Presidential election after GHWB ordered him "neutralized"
John Poindexter12 August 1936Spook
John Scott Redd10 September 1944USSpook
Deep state functionary
"Scott Redd may be the most important person you've never heard of."
Matthew ShearerUSSoldier
Spooky US Navy officer who moved to biosecurity. He was an integral part of developing and implementing the Clade X and Event 201 pandemic exercises.
H. Page Smith17 February 19044 January 1993USMarinerUS admiral who attended the 1964 Bilderberg as Commander in Chief of the United States Atlantic Fleet.
Jackson Stephens9 August 192323 July 2005USDeep state operative
Arkansas oilman and investment banker. Through his company and Worthen Bank, were key financial backers and fundraisers for Bill Clinton during his Presidential election in 1992.
Carlos Del Toro1961US
BusinesspersonUnited States Secretary of the Navy under Joe Biden
Stansfield Turner1 December 192318 January 2018Spook
A. Vernon Weaver16 April 192228 December 2010USDiplomat
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