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(spook, deep state actor)
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Born Frank Charles Carlucci III
October 18, 1930
Scranton, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Died June 3, 2018 (Age 87)
McLean, Virginia, U.S.
Alma mater Princeton University, Harvard Business School
Religion Roman Catholic
Spouse Jean Anthony
Member of Association of Former Intelligence Officers
Party Republican
A Princeton roommate of his fellow US Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld.

Flag of the United States Secretary of Defense.svg United States Secretary of Defense Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
November 23, 1987 - January 20, 1989
Preceded by Caspar Weinberger
College roommate of his fellow US Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld

US-WhiteHouse-Logo.svg National Security Advisor Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
December 2, 1986 - November 23, 1987
Deputy Colin Powell
Preceded by John Poindexter
Succeeded by Colin Powell
College roommate of Donald Rumsfeld

Flag of the United States Deputy Secretary of Defense.svg Deputy Secretary of Defense Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
February 4, 1981 - December 31, 1982
Became Secretary of Defense on November 23, 1987

CIA.svg Deputy Director of the CIA Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
February 10, 1978 - February 4, 1981

Employment.png United States Ambassador to Portugal Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
December 9, 1974 - February 5, 1978

Employment.png Under Secretary of Health Education and Welfare Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
February 1973 - December 1974

Employment.png Director of the OEO

In office
January 1971 - December 1972

Frank Carlucci was a US deep state actor who worked for the CIA.


Carlucci was a roommate of Donald Rumsfeld at Princeton University in 1952.


Carlucci became a CIA agent.

Congo, 1961

Carlucci was the second secretary at the US embassy in the Congo in 1961 when the democratically elected Prime Minister, Patrice Lumumba, was assassinated.


During the early 1970s, Carlucci became a protege of Rumsfeld and was moved up through the hierarchy of the US government.


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