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Institute for Statecraft/Activities
Islamic Media UnitResponsible for managing news about British foreign policy in the UK
Islamic News/Jehad is Crap!
James BondHero image character used to promote the intelligence agencies
London Radio ServiceA semi covert propaganda run by the British government's Central Office of Information for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Media manipulationA series of techniques in which the CCM create an image or argument that favors their particular interests. It can be actual fakery and is a form of propaganda.
MemeOn the internet, an image plus accompanying text used to make a serious point, often humourously.
Mighty Wurlitzer
NATO/PropagandaNATO's propaganda has been systematic and organised. Its Operation Gladio staged false flag attacks intended to subvert the democratic process. In recent years it has been promoting Russophobia and talking of a Cold War 2.0.
Nayirah al-ṢabaḥA spectacular and effective stunt in a $10 million propaganda campaign orchestrated by the Kuwaiti government, which may well have swung the balance in what was a close congressional vote on the use of the US military against the Iraqi invasion.
News DepartmentResponsible for managing news about British foreign policy in the UK
NewsGuardA tech company which is teaming up with Microsoft as regards "fake news"
NieuwsuurA state-funded TV program that replaced several award-winning current affairs programs that were "too biased"...meaning not following the official narrative.
Omnibus magazine
Operation MockingbirdOperation Mockingbird is a CIA covert operation that began in the 1950s and is a continuing manipulation and control of the media by the CIA.
Operation NicoleA tabletop exercise "based on a realistic counter terrorism incident... specifically developed for Muslim communities".
Overseas News Agency
Plastic wordPlastic words, with minimal substantive meaning and which avoid clear definition, are effective as tools of misdirection, particularly on the hypnotised
PresstituteJournalists who give biased and predetermined views in favour of the government and corporations.
Project SyndicateSyndicate to spread "free" op-eds subjects in corporate media to influence what people think. But 'he who pays the piper calls the tune' - in this case mostly George Soros and Bill Gates.
Public Diplomacy DepartmentA successor to the Information Department of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Public Diplomacy Group
Public Diplomacy Policy Department
Radio Free Europe
Rebranding BritainA propaganda initiative started by the Conservative government and picked up by New Labour along with the Foreign Policy Centre.
Reframing RussiaAn IfS/II discussed project about "The RT Challenge" which was publicly launched in 2019, not under the II/IfS name.
Research Information and Communications Unit
Rogue state
Russia/PropagandaThe USSR was active rather than subtle about propaganda."Progressive" website producing enemy images, owned by the same man who owns "fact checker" Snopes
School"The reproductive organ of the consumer society", coming to resemble prisons more and more closely, especially in USA, where attempts have been made to criminalize those who feed the hungry or comfort the afflicted.
September Dossier
Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012
Sock puppetA person or online persona whose actions are controlled by somebody else.
Soldatensender CalaisBritish black propaganda broadcaster during the Second World War
The Defence Communication Strategy
The Green Book
The Hague Centre for Strategic StudiesA vital, mostly overlooked Dutch think-tank operating in the parliamentary quarter of The Hague. One of the biggest data centres working closely with multiple Dutch ministries. The prolific alliance of founders make its ties to the Dutch Deep state and Military-industrial complex highly plausible.
The Queer Insurrection and Liberation ArmyImprobable militia presumably a propaganda exercise to create support for war in the Western liberal opinion.
The SpikeA spy thriller by twospooks.
'Kong Tsung-gan'An alleged prominent Hong Kong pundit and organizer of anti-China activities, who Western corporate media used as a go-to source for quotes. Later revealed as Brian Patrick Kern, a US citizen,
Two PMs - One speech
Video game
War propaganda
Westminster paedophile dossierA dossier of allegations on paedophilia by senior UK establishment figures