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Concept.png Russia/Propaganda
The USSR was active rather than subtle about propaganda.

This page is about propaganda by Russia, not to be confused with "Russian Propaganda", the charge levelled against Russia through groups such as the Integrity Initiative.

Russia has a long history of propaganda, as do other long-established nation states.

Media Outlets


Full article: RT

RT (formerly Russia Today)

Sputnik News


Brian Eno reports that domestic propaganda of the USSR was largely ineffective due to a widespread awareness of its existence.[1]


Full article: Stub class article Pravda

Pravda was an organ of USSR state propaganda.


The USSR represented itself as a government in the interests of the proletariat. Mscow aligned nation states were typically entitled "democratic peoples' republics".

Cold war

Full article: Cold war

The Cold war saw Europe divided into Eastern Europe, aligned with the USSR through the Warsaw Pact and Western Europe, aligned with the US (and Canada) through NATO. This was presented as an ideological struggle between opposite poles of the "political spectrum":- communism and capitalism respectively.

Arms race

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The Arms race was a Cold war concept that was frequently used in the USSR as in the USA to justify high levels of spending on the MICC.


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