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MottoVeritas et Virtus
Other namePanthers
The third-largest recipient of federally sponsored health research

The University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) is a public state-related research university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The university is composed of 17 undergraduate and graduate schools and colleges at its urban Pittsburgh campus, home to the university's central administration and 28,391 undergraduate and graduate students.

Pitt is a member of the Association of American Universities, a selective group of major research universities in North America, and is classified as an R1 University, meaning that it engages in a very high level of research activity.[1] Pitt was the third-largest recipient of federally sponsored health research funding among U.S. universities in 2018 and it is a major recipient of research funding from the National Institutes of Health.[2]

The campus is situated adjacent to the flagship medical facilities of its closely affiliated University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) and its flagship hospital, UPMC Presbyterian, as well as the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, Schenley Park, and Carnegie Mellon University.


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James Lyons-WeilerFaculty member


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Thomas Bossert1974Spook
"Terror expert"
Former US/Homeland Security Advisor
Sundaa Bridgett-JonesUS
Tom Feeney21 May 1958LawyerRequested (and was supplied with) software to rig a US election.
John Taylor Gatto15 December 193525 October 2018USAuthor
Probably the most famous teacher in USA, who became an unschooling activist, having turned up irrefutable proof that the forced schooling system was never intended to benefit children, but quite the reverse.
Orrin Hatch22 March 1934
Ryan MorhardUSDoctorWorks for Ginkgo Bioworks "building a platform to enable customers to program cells as easily as we can program computers"
Rick Santorum10 May 1958
Richard Mellon Scaife3 July 19324 July 2014Businessperson