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Group.png NKVD  
(Secret police, Intelligence agencySpartacusRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
HeadquartersLubyanka Square, Moscow, USSR
Membership• Gaik Ovakimyan
• Semyon Semyonov
• Boris Bykov
• Vassili Zarubin
• Alexander Feklissov
• Leonid Kvasnikov
• Anatoly Gorsky
• Iskhak Akhmerov
• Boris Bazarov
• Peter Gutzeit
• Gerhart Eisler
• Elizabeth Zarubina
• Vassili Mironov

US Agents

John Simkin's article on the NKVD lists the following NKVD agents in the US: Gaik Ovakimyan, Semyon Semyonov, Boris Bykov, Vassili Zarubin, Alexander Feklissov, Leonid Kvasnikov, Anatoly Gorsky, Iskhak Akhmerov, Boris Bazarov, Peter Gutzeit, Gerhart Eisler, Elizabeth Zarubina and Vassili Mironov.

Agents recruited in the United States included Cedric Belfrage, Elizabeth Bentley, Marion Bachrach, Joel Barr, Abraham Brothman, Earl Browder, Karl Hermann Brunck, Louis Budenz, Whittaker Chambers, Frank Coe, Henry Hill Collins, Lauchlin Currie, Hope Hale Davis, Samuel Dickstein, Martha Dodd, Laurence Duggan, Gerhart Eisler, Noel Field, Harold Glasser, Vivian Glassman, Jacob Golos, Theodore Hall, Alger Hiss, Donald Hiss, Joseph Katz, Charles Kramer, Duncan Chaplin Lee, Harvey Matusow, Hede Massing, Paul Massing, Boris Morros, William Perl, Victor Perlo, Lee Pressman, Joszef Peter, Mary Price, William Remington, Alfred Sarant, Abraham George Silverman, Helen Silvermaster, Nathan Silvermaster, Alfred Stern, William Ludwig Ullmann, Julian Wadleigh, Harold Ware, William Weisband, Nathaniel Weyl, Donald Niven Wheeler, Harry Dexter White, Nathan Witt and Mark Zborowski.[1]

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