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(“terror expert”)
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BornJune 1965
Founder ofActive Change Foundation
Member ofInstitute for Statecraft
Interests • “radicalisation”
• “Islamic terrorism”
• war on terror
A "former extremist" who has "assisted in thousands of research/white papers for academia on all matters relating to Terrorism/CVE."

Employment.png Consultant

In office
April 2018 - September 2019
EmployerInternational Observatory Of Human Rights

Employment.png Active Change Foundation/Director

In office
3 June 2008 - 30 November 2011

Employment.png Expert Prevent/CVE Intervention Provider

In office
June 2007 - May 2016
EmployerOffice for Security and Counter-Terrorism
"One of the very first specialist Prevent/CVE Intervention Provider. Engaged & Mentored 100's of High risk & those at risk individuals."

Employment.png Adviser on all P/CVE related issues. Emerging threats & trends re Extremist/Terrorist Networks

In office
June 2007 - May 2016
EmployerOffice for Security and Counter-Terrorism
"Adviser to senior civil servants in Government on Extremist & Terrorist Recruitment. Emerging trends and threats. What works and what doesn't."

Employment.png Active Change Foundation/CEO

In office
July 2003 - April 2019
"Adviser/Consultant to many Police forces from across the globe. Practical & Real solutions to P/CVE and understanding the nature of Extremist and Terrorist Recruitment and the networks."

“I could have prevented [the 2017?] London terrorist attacks”
Hanif Qadir (2017)  [1]

Hanif Qadir is "a former extremist"[2] who worked with the Active Change Foundation and the Institute for Statecraft on "radicalisation" and "Islamic terrorism".

Own Words

Qadir's LinkedIn profile as of December 2019:

Consultant & Adviser on P/CVE work. Was Founder & CEO of The Active Change Foundation. A charity set up to Counter Violent Extremism & Prevent gang crime. Started the globally recognised #NotinMyName campaign. Amongst other Best practice models based on personal & real grass roots engagement. 16 years in the field of successful cutting edge CVE work. De-Rad Interventions to high risk individuals since 2003. Practical on the ground face to face experience. Government Adviser on CVE 2006 - 2016. International speaker/Lecturer/Panellist on CVE & De-Radicalisation - Deep understanding & knowledge on all aspects of extremism. Forward thinker, who has the ability to recognise emerging threats and apply early interventions & effective counter measures.

Whoever is operating in the field of CVE/Preventing Violent Extremism and Terrorist Recruitment. You must know the problem is evolving more rapidly than ever before and the near future will pose many challenges, even more-so if we do not address this effectively and with real, practical & organically grown solutions.

Unfortunately i say, this problem has generated 1000's of 'experts' across the globe. The industry is saturated with so many research papers and guidence[sic.] notes. Most of which can be better used for the toilet..

This problem is getting worse, and it needs serious consideration by sincere, committed & knowledgeable individuals. Nothing less.

I'm currently open for new opportunities & work. I'm not one to mince my words and I don't speak without evidence or experience. Thank you for viewing. Sincere Regards.


In 2002 Qadir "travelled to Afghanistan to fight for al-Qaeda, but quickly returned"[3] "when he saw the crimes being committed against civilians".[4]

Active Change Foundation

Full article: Active Change Foundation

In July 2003 Qadir founded the Active Change Foundation, and he was CEO until April 2019. In 2014 he stated that “The vision for the organization is for it to become independent of government funding. We need to find our own money, approximately 10 million pounds to survive for the next 15 years. I know, with the team and the experience we have, we can almost eradicate violent extremism from within our communities if we have a free hand and the resources to do the necessary work.” [5]

Institute for Statecraft

Full article: Rated 5/5 Institute for Statecraft

Qadir was a "Senior Associate Fellow" of the Institute for Statecraft, with a speciality listed as "Leadership for Societal Integration" when the group erased its website.[6]


Related Quotation

Peter Neumann“No one I know has done more on the ground with practical experience countering violent extremism than Hanif Qadir. His experience and expertise is something we can all learn from. For anyone interested in counter-extremism, his book is an absolute must read.”Peter Neumann
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