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(“terror expert”, author)
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BornBradford, UK

Employment.png Commissioner for Countering Extremism

In office
January 2018 - Present

Sara Khan's website, as of February 2018, introduced her as an "Award winning counter-extremism and women’s rights campaigner, author and commentator". The Guardian described her as " a controversial figure amongst British Muslims".[1]


Sara Khan "worked as a hospital pharmacist and was president of an Islamic youth organisation before launching the Inspire charity in 2008, with the aim of challenging extremism and promoting gender equality."[2]

Commissioner for Countering Extremism

In January 2018, Sara Khan was appointed Commissioner for Countering Extremism. a post for which UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd reported she was “expertly qualified”. Various commentators however criticised her appointment, Sayeeda Warsi describing it as “a deeply disturbing appointment”.[3]

Responding in on Sky News to the charge that she was a government mouthpiece, she stated that "This idea that I am a creation of the Home Office is just frankly ridiculous. The work that I am doing in the commission is not part of Prevent. This is about preventing extremism. Prevent is part of the countering terrorism strategy."[4]


In 2016, Sara Khan opined that a "Vitriolic Culture now exists in British Public Life", concluding that "this vitriolic culture that seeks to instil fear and intimidate our opponents just because we disagree with them threatens our own society. It is eating away not only through our democracy but also our humanity."[5] Sara Khan "is seen as being supportive of the government’s controversial Prevent programme,".[3]

Support for Prevent

"Ms Khan has been a strong advocate for the [UK] government’s controversial Prevent policy, which has been described as "demonising" Muslims."[6]


Related Quotations

Douglas MurraySara Khan is a deeply admired and respected figure among the small community of people in the UK actually dedicated to challenging Islamist extremism.”Douglas Murray1 February 2018
Naz Shah<nowiki>“She [[[Sara Khan]]] continues to profess she’s independent. Even her book she wrote was in partnership with the Home Office. She has taken Prevent funding. She came out of nowhere after the coalition government without any experience.”</nowiki>Naz Shah2018
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