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A vaccine based on changing the human RNA. The concept has long been of high military interest.

An RNA vaccine or mRNA (messenger RNA) vaccine is a type of vaccine that transfers molecules of synthetic RNA into human cells. Once inside the cells, the RNA functions as mRNA, reprogramming the cells to make the foreign protein that would normally be produced by the pathogen (e.g. a virus), or by cancer cells.

These experimental vaccines have been particularly prominent in the 2020 rush for a COVID-19/Vaccine; the definition of what constitutes a vaccine was changed for the technology.[1]


Research on workable RNA vaccines began in the early 1990s, and soon received high interest from the US military research agencies DARPA and BARDA[2]. Military/intelligence funding soon helped smaller startup companies, and Big Pharma was interested as well.

As far as it is known (given the interest, it is not unlikely secret military experiments have been done), RNA vaccines have never been widely used on humans before, and long-term consequences are unknown.[3]


The CDC removes the last part about the spike protein not lasting long in the body in August 2022.[4][5][6]

In a RNA vaccine like the Covid-19 vaccine, once injected into the body. it will hijack the cell to produce proteins (these proteins are parts of the virus). These types of messenger RNA vaccines are even self-amplifying. That means they encode not only the protein antigen of interest to elicit an immune response but also produce their own RNA dependent RNA polymerase, so that they can force the cell to replicate more copies of it. Then it is in effect an artificially created self-replicating virus[7].

Safer than DNA vaccines

In 2016 MIT engineers funded by the Department of Defense developed an easily customizable RNA vaccine that can be manufactured in one week, allowing it to be rapidly deployed in response to disease outbreaks. They designed vaccines against Ebola, H1N1 influenza, and Toxoplasma gondii (a relative of the parasite that causes malaria), which were 100 percent effective in tests in mice. The researchers also believed that their vaccines would be safer than DNA vaccines, another alternative that scientists are pursuing, because unlike DNA, RNA cannot be integrated into the host genome and cause mutations[8].


GB News: Covid Report reveals increase in risk of heart attack following the mRNA COVID vaccine

Concerns regarding the safety of the technology are getting reported worldwide.[9][10][11] In the experiments for the COVID-19/Vaccine, some very severe side effects have already been reported.[12][13][14] RNA/mRNA vaccines are cheaper to produce, [15] but liability for vaccine damage in some countries like the US is put on the state in general and manufacturers have been exempt from liability in advance in other coutries.[16][17][18]

Problems related to expedited development

Regular vaccine testing needs periods up to ten years and more before market maturity.[19] Due to the speed with which the RNA/mRNA vaccines are pushed onto the market, the manufacturer can not produce the product in a stable, durable condition and so some of these vaccines need extremely deep-freezing during transport and storage.[20][21]

Deep freeze

At the beginning of the mass vaccination effort it was reported that some mRNA vaccines need deep freeze (-70/-75 Celsius) and would start to disintegrate when the temperature is higher,[22][23] Moderna can be stored at -20 Celsius.[24] Wolfgang Wodarg is of the opinion that the need for deep freeze was a ruse to move the first months of injecting the population away from local, primary care physicians who know many of their patients personally and who would recognize injury and deaths from the vaccine and therefore would likely sound the alarm early on, therefore hindering the mass vaccination effort.[25] These temperature requirements have become a much, much less prominent topic as time moved on.

Interested parties

In September 2021, Gates promised to have "so much factory capacity that, even within 200 days, we could make enough vaccines for the entire world."[26]

Because of the possible wide effects that can be created, the U.S. Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency has long been very interested in RNA vaccines, and have researched them for more than a decade.[27]

Bill Gates has been heavily pushing for a RNA vaccine, and wants to vaccine all 7 billion people in the world against Covid-19.[28]

As of 2020, there are no RNA vaccines approved for human use, but multiple companies, including CureVac and Moderna - both with DARPA and Gates connections - work in the development of RNA vaccines, and a number of RNA vaccines are under express development with the stated purpose of combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

Early official statements

“So, we all assume that vaccines will be approved next year. We don't know exactly how they work, how well they work, what they do, but I am very optimistic that there will be vaccines, yes.”
Lothar Wieler (14 October 2020)  [29]
RKI President

“[...] also people will die in temporal connection with the vaccination. Then it is extremely important to find out whether the reason was the vaccination or another underlying disease. Because we will vaccinate the high-risk groups at the beginning. These are precisely the old and very old people, who of course also have a higher risk of dying, simply because they have already reached an advanced age.”
Lothar Wieler (5 December 2020)  [30]
RKI President



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Moderna COVID-19 vaccineRNA vaccine developed by Moderna "hacking the software of life".
Pfizer–BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine


Related Quotations

Bilderberg/2020These [COVID-19] vaccines are unlikely to completely sterilize a population. They're very likely to have an effect which works in a percentage. Say, 60% or 70%.”John Bell2020
Bilderberg/2021These [COVID-19] vaccines are unlikely to completely sterilize a population. They're very likely to have an effect which works in a percentage. Say, 60% or 70%.”John Bell2020
Renato Brunetta“If we haven’t reached a vaccination level of between 80% and 90%, we will pass a law to impose the Covid-19 vaccine on all people who are against it.”Renato Brunetta
Renato Brunetta - Italian Minister of Public Administration
6 September 2021
COVID-19/Perpetrators/BilderbergThese [COVID-19] vaccines are unlikely to completely sterilize a population. They're very likely to have an effect which works in a percentage. Say, 60% or 70%.”John Bell2020
Dominic Cummings“In March [2020] I started getting calls from various people saying these new mRNA vaccines could well smash the conventional wisdom. [. . .] People like Bill Gates and that kind of network were saying. [. . .] Essentially what happened is, [. . .] there is a network of people, Bill Gates type people, who were saying completely rethink the paradigm of how you do this.. What Bill Gates and people like that were saying to me and others in number 10 was you need to think of this much more like the classic programs of the past. [. . .] the Manhattan Project in WWII, the Apollo program.. But what Bill Gates and people were saying [. . .] was, the actual expected return on this is so high that even if does turn out to be all wasted billions it's still a good gamble [. . .] and that is what we did.”Dominic CummingsMay 2021
Charles Hoffe“In a single dose of a Moderna vaccine, there are 40 trillion messenger RNA molecules...Three-quarters of these molecules leave the arm of the injection, circulate through the bloodstream, and end up in the tiny capillary vessels.

These little packages of the genes are absorbed into the cells around the blood vessels of the vascular endothelium. The packages open, the genes are released, your body then gets to work reading these genes and manufacturing trillions and trillions of COVID spike proteins.

Hoffe said even though there are 40 trillion mRNA genes, each gene can produce “many, many COVID spike proteins. And the purpose of the spike proteins is that your body recognizes this as a foreign protein and will make antibodies against it so that you’re then protected against COVID.”

But this antibody response comes at a heavy price, he said.

“The spike protein…becomes part of the cell wall of ….these cells that line your blood vessels, which are supposed to be smooth so that your blood flows smoothly. Now you have these little spiky bits sticking out,” Hoffe said.

From here, “blood platelets circulate in your vessels…to detect a damaged vessel and block that vessel to stop bleeding. So when the platelet comes through the capillary, it suddenly hits all these little COVID spikes that are jutting into the inside of the vessel. It is absolutely inevitable that a blood clot will form.”

Hoffe claimed the clots are “too small and too scattered” to show up on CT scans, angiograms, or MRIs, but are numerous enough to cause damage.

There’s some tissues in your body like intestine and liver and kidneys that can regenerate to quite a good degree. But brain and spinal cord and heart muscle and lungs do not. When they’re damaged, it’s permanent, like all these young people who are now getting myocarditis from these shots. They have permanently damaged hearts.

This is the terrifying concern. And not only is the long-term outlook very grim, but with each successive shot, the damage will add and add and add. It’s going to be cumulative.”
Charles Hoffe
Walter Isaacson“For the first time in the evolution of life on this planet, a species has developed the capacity to edit its own genetic makeup. That offers the potential of wondrous benefits, including the elimination of many deadly diseases and debilitating abnormalities.”Walter Isaacson2020
Peter McCullough“Americans are going to bear the brunt of what invariably is going to be a failed mass vaccination program that will go down as one of the most deadly, one of the most injurious and costly in human history.”Peter McCullough
Lee Merritt“Two months is not enough time to know that we won’t have that antibody enhancement problem,” Merritt said. “And I will make this military point: It’s the perfect binary weapon. There’s no way I know exactly what that mRNA is programmed to do and neither do you and neither do most doctors. The doctors can’t get that data. That rests with the guys at the very top of this project. They say it’s to the spiked protein but how do we prove it?

So if I were China and I wanted to take down our military, that’s easy,” she continued. “I could hook onto this coronavirus, like the spiked protein or another protein, I just design an mRNA to do that, but I know it doesn’t exist in nature so nobody is going to die from the vaccine, and then two years later I release whatever it is I made, the counterpart, and it causes this immunity enhancement death. So it’s a time-delayed death. That’s what binary poisons are: I give you point one, and then later on you accidentally come in contact with point two and you die.”
Lee MerrittJanuary 2021
Athanasius Schneider“[...] and we dont know, maybe history will show us, what is still behind this vaccine campaign, world campaign. What is behind the, the principle reason, or aim, maybe we will know this after some time. Some people say, with some proofs, that it could be, it is probable, that one of the main aims behind this global vaccine campaign is to reduce the world population. A kind of population control. I would not exclude this. [...]”Athanasius SchneiderNovember 2021
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