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A group that looked at the VAERS database and found that some batches of the "Covid 19 vaccine" are way more likely to cause harm than others.

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Members: Mike Yeadon,  Alexandra Latypova,  Craig Paardekooper,  Walter Wagner,  Jessica Rose

The website [1] is operated by a group of international pharmaceutical R&D professionals, academic researchers and data analysts working on analysis of public health datasets with respect to covid vaccines' side effects.

They found that some batches of the "COVID-19/Vaccine" cause a high number of side effects and deaths while others have a lower incidence rate. Since pharmaceutical products are manufactured with a strong focus on the steadiness of quality, it is unlikely that these are the same product.


Known members

2 of the 5 of the members already have pages here:

Sasha LatypovaFormer big pharma executive who exposed how all Covid countermeasures, including the biological warfare agents marketed as "Covid-19 vaccines" were created, produced and distributed in a covert military program, where the pharma manufacturers only worked as subcontractors.
Michael YeadonPfizer Chief Scientific Officer who warned very strongly against the experimental COVID injections
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