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Exposed byRichard Werner
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MembershipVladimir Putin
Deep state recruitment network, 1992-2003. Reinvented in Young Global Leaders, after the system was modified to remove difficult participants.

Not to be confused with its successor group, the WEF's Young Global Leaders (which started in 2004)

The Global Leaders for Tomorrow was an award by the World Economic Forum for successful decision-makers under the age of 38 who are "committed to social, environmental and economic issues in society."[1] The group would hold its own Summits, partially in conjunction with the Annual WEF Meeting in Davos, and most members seem to be active in the community for around five years,

Some of the select Global Leaders for Tomorrow also continued in the The Forum of Young Global Leaders. Presumably those were the ones that didn't rock the boat.

This is a collection of people who are known to have participated in the World Economic Forum's Global Leaders for Tomorrow program. The list is not complete, since the membership is not easily available and has to be gathered from miscellaneous sources.[2][3][4][5]


Full article: Rated 5/5 COVID-19/Perpetrators/WEF
COVID-19 Perpetrators WEF.png

Over 150 WEF Global Leaders for Tomorrow, Young Global Leaders and trustees have been employed during the COVID-19 event to try to advance the Great Reset agenda, aided by >200 Bilderbergers.

1992 inaugural selection

Full article: WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow/1993
From the G8 summit in 2007. Next to President GW Bush are a selection of 1993 Young Global Leaders who became leaders of their countries: José Barroso, Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin (suspected) and Tony Blair

The inaugural selection seems to have had (or later to have acquired) a superabundance of political_connections and included such luminaries as Tony Blair, Angela Merkel, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Nicholas Sarkozy, Larry Summers. 23 members of the group have visited the Bilderberg, 8 have visited the Munich Security Conference and 27 a WEF AGM.


The program was reconstituted in 2003 as the Forum of Young Global Leaders. According to economist Richard Werner, who was selected in 2003, the program was closed down and rebooted as a more controllable group because too many people were asking difficult questions in the forum.[6]

Vladimir Putin

Klaus Schwab talks about penetrating the cabinets of the young global leaders governments. As printed on page 188 of The Great Reset book: "Build Back Better". They are all, literally, on the same page. It's not a conspiracy theory.

In 2017 Klaus Schwab claimed that Vladimir Putin was a member of the program,[7] something he repeated in a 2019 talk with Carlos Alvarado Quesada. This presumably happened during his St. Petersburg years in the 1990s[8]. This is not confirmed from other sources. In January 2021, Putin presented a keynote address at the World Economic Forum, where he recalled how he first met Schwab in 1992 and since then had regularly attended events organised by the WEF.[9][10] The WEF removed their page of Putin following the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.[11]



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Related Quotations

Lars Hinrichs“Without my networks I would be nothing”Lars Hinrichs27 February 2021
Olivier Oullier“In France, the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum held in Davos is too often mistakenly perceived as the place where world leaders secretly decide our future. For a lot of people in my country, Davos seems to embody the “evil capitalists”. This is particularly true in French academia. So much so that, when I was applying for my full professorship, I was strongly advised to hide that the Forum made me a Young Global Leader a couple of months earlier. In many countries this honor would have helped me get the job. Not in France.”Olivier Oullier4 February 2013


Known member

All 1 of the members already have pages here:

Vladimir PutinPresident of Russia, Russian deep politician.


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