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Official narrative

Suicide bombers are people who have been so "radicalised" by an "extremist" ideology that they choose to commit suicide by using a bomb to kill themselves and others.


Post 9-11, the authorities have been increasingly quick to label people "suicide bombers", claims which the commercially-controlled media tends to repeat unexamined. There remains the possibility that many of these people posthumously labeled as "suicide bombers" are in fact patsies whose bombs were detonated remotely. They may well have been told that they were taking part in a terrorism drill.

Cultural references

Sibel Edmonds' book The Lone Gladio describes how an intelligence agency prepares a woman to become a suicide bomber.



Page nameDescription
1983 Beirut barracks bombings
2009 Queen's Day AttackA "home-grown lone wolf" suddenly quits his job and quiet life to almost kill the royal family with his small Suzuki, resulting in 8 deaths.
2013 Volgograd bombings
2016 Brussels BombingA terrorist attack in Brussels involving 3 explosions which reportedly killed more than 30 people and injured hundreds more. Responsibility for the attack was immediately attributed to ISIS by the commercially-controlled media, clearly assuming the people are still buying this "Muslim suicide bomber" Official Narrative
2016 Istanbul airport attack


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