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(politician, deep state operative?)
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BornJuly 1, 1955
Hefei, China
Died27 October 2023 (Age 68)
Shanghai, China
Alma materUniversity of Beijing
PartyChinese Communist Party
Former right hand of Xi Jinping from 2013 to 2023, famous for allowing (or covering up) the biggest AIDS epidemic in Asia.

Employment.png Communist Party Secretary of Henan

In office
30 December 2002 - 13 December 2004

Li Keqiang or 李克强, a Chinese statesman and economist, served as the Premier of China from 2013 to 2023. He held the second-highest position in the Chinese Communist Party's Politburo Standing Committee and worked closely with General Secretary and president Xi Jinping. Keqiang was accused of covering one the largest AIDS/HIV scandals in modern China.

Early career

Li Keqiang graduated from Peking University with a degree in economics and later earned a Ph.D. in economics. In the 1980s, he worked in China's Henan Province.He then held positions in the central government, working on economic and financial matters.[1]

Political surge

Keqiang was noted to have contributed to the rise of Chinese economy in the 2010s, which saw them overtaking the US is several parts.[2][3]


As youngest Chinese provincial governor in June 1998, Keqiang became the face of the Henan blood selling scandal, which occurred in the late 1990s, was a public health crisis in China, in the Henan province where illegal and unsanitary collection of blood by local health officials and unregulated blood collection centers were uncovered.[4]

Many poor people in Henan, a province with an already suspicious high prevalence of HIV/AIDS, were lured by the promise of quick money to donate their blood. Unscrupulous blood collection centers, often operated by local officials and entrepreneurs, exploited the poor and paid them for their blood. These centers were very poor professionally, with non-sterilized equipment, no hygiene or safety. Keqiang's government didn't handle the scandal and allowed local corrupt officials to bribe police and investigators. When others that spoke out were silenced. Keqiang's government didn't act until the Henan province became a temporary leader in HIV and AIDS.[5][6]

“In the 90s, several dispensaries of the Government of Henan Province (led at the time by Li) launched a blood trade, exploiting the poverty of many farmers. The lack of hygiene in the transfusions helped spread the HIV virus in the country. In subsequent years, the future prime minister used every form of censorship and repression to prevent the truth from emerging.” (2012)  [7]

At a certain point witnesses in the province had grandparents burying the children monthly in villages heavily affected. Keqiang's government banned Chinese TV station from reporting on the story. Keqiang's government was called skilled in "Hide-and-control-communism" and "profit-at-all-costs capitalism". Blood selling resulted in a "90% infection rate".

Victims complained about Li Keqiang by saying; “You can’t believe what he says, he is only putting on an act like the government does every year ahead of World Aids Day. He was accused in the South Morning China Post to have even prevented UN Aids [the United Nations body that combats the epidemic] from visiting the victims.[8]

Vice Premier

“Smog is affecting larger parts of China, and environmental pollution has become a major problem, which is nature's red-light warning against the model of inefficient and blind development.”
Xi Keqiang (2014)  [9]

In 2011, as Vice Premier of the People's Republic of China, Keqiang visited the University of Hong Kong - at times of increased resistance to Chinese politics from the students there. The Chinese government came under scrutiny for starting a complete "lockdown", and administrative take over of the school, where students were removed from the school. 3 students were dragged on locked up in staircases for hours.[10]

Presidential election

After losing out to Xi Jinping in 2012 for president, he became one of the few to oppose corruption and reduce taxes on corporations, remarking “the hand that was wrongly installed on the government shall be replaced by the hand of the market.".[11]

“Reform is 'the biggest dividend' for China.”
Xi Keqiang (2013)  [12]


Keqiang attended the WEF/Annual Meeting/2015. Keqiang reacted on the US Republicans complaining about the devaluation tactics of the Chinese currency by denying fluctuations in the RMB exchange rate have will only do more harm to other countries than their own country.

Keqiang was noted to be "China’s second-most powerful man" and " first premier with an economics doctorate after losing out on the top job to President Xi Jinping" by Bloomberg in 2023. Some Chinese political pundits on Weibo argued Xi Jinping didn't trust Keqiang which resulted in him being merely handled by Xi.[13]


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