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Alma materUniversity of Richmond
Turkish leader of NGO working to "establish a new political understanding" in Turkey. Heavily connected to the Koç Family and to Israeli and Western interests. Made an agreement with AIPAC of "Educating Future Leaders". Single Bilderberger (2006)

Kemal Köprülü co-founded the ARI movement, a movement to "establish a new political understanding" in Turkey, connected to the Koç Family, and which may have had some involvement in the 2016 Turkish coup d'état attempt.

The most important step of the ARI Movement came on May 29, 1998. The managers of the ARI Movement in the USA signed an agreement with the world's most important Jewish organization AIPAC and ACYPL to "train young leader candidates in the political and cultural field", under the name of "Educating Future Leaders".[1]


Kemal Köprülü graduated from the University of Richmond in Virginia, receiving his M.Sc. in Economics and Finance.[2]

He began his banking career with Citibank Istanbul in 1984 and after reaching a managerial position at Citibank in 1988, transferred to Interbank as a Senior Vice President.[2]

ARI Movement

The Arı Movement (Turkish: Arı Grubu) was founded in 1994 as the 'ARI Group Association' under the leadership of Köprülü, and in 1999 it changed its name to the 'ARI Movement'.

According to itself, Arı organized itself in Turkey and abroad and produced ideas and projects in the political, economic and social fields. Relationships were established with different countries in the international arena; communication with politicians, thinkers, scientists and think-thank institutions in these countries were established. "During this process, the members of the political establishment became staunch defenders of an outdated and dysfunctional system, instead of renewing themselves and preparing for the 21st century, and remained insensitive to suggestions that would relieve the system a bit...[3] Turkey does not have to accept this old and classical understanding of politics. It is now necessary to develop, place and spread a new understanding of politics."

The group increased its activities in Turkey after an invitation to the influential Koç family's house in Istanbul in 1999. The US coup makers (2003) and the leaders of the ARI movement and the representatives of the capital had met at the Koç family's house.[4]

Köprülü and leaders of other NGOs also met with President Bill Clinton in Istanbul in 1999.[5]

Kemal Köprülü, General Coordinator of the ARI Movement, organized the 'Join and create your future' congress and many civil society fairs held throughout Turkey during these period. As part of these events in Köprülü, told young people to forget about 'Ankara' completely. "This system has failed," he said.[4]

After signing an agreement with AIPAC in May 1998, Arı Movement became the guest of the Israeli MASHAV (Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs Center for International Cooperation) in February 1999.[1]

NGO Management and Democracy Education

Having signed various cooperation agreements to work with organizations such as AIPAC, Jinsa, ADL, which were established to defend the interests of the USA and Israel, the ARI Movement also maintained close relations with the Washington Near East Policy Institute (WINEP). [4]

ARI participated in the "NGO Management and Democracy Education" course organized by MASHAV between 4-8 May 1999., returned to Turkey with the slogan of "Information-based world politics". During their 4-day trip to the USA, they met with the Progressive Policy Institute (PPI), Heritage Foundation, CATO Institute and WINEP. Köprülü, the leader of the Arı Movement held the most comprehensive house meeting in the history of Turkey, on his return from his trip to the USA.

Köprülü, the leader of Movement, gave a party on the night of July 27, 1999, with Cemal Kutay in one corner of his house and Abdurrahman Dilipak, one of the writers of the AKİT Newspaper, in the other corner. Apart from Kutay and Dilipak, the following important names attended the event: Ali Koç, Mustafa Koç, Rahmi Koç, Semahat Koç (Arsel), Bedrettin Dalan, Ali Talip Özdemir, Bülent Akarcalı, İlhan Kesici, Can Kıraç, Cem Boyner, Cem Duna, Enver Ören, Lütfullah Kayalar, Rüştü Saraçoğlu, Şule Bucak, Ahmet Özal, Hüsamettin Kavi, Besim Tibuk, İlhan Kılıç (Commander of the Army).[1]


Events Participated in

Bilderberg/20068 June 200611 June 2006Canada
54th Bilderberg, held in Canada. 133 guests
Brussels Forum/2008Belgium
Yearly discreet get-together of huge amount of transatlantic politicians, media and military and corporations, under the auspices of the CIA and NATO-close German Marshall Fund.