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Concept.png Flat earth 
Founder(s)Samuel Rowbotham

Modern Flat Earth societies are organizations that promote the belief that the Earth is flat. Such groups date from the middle of the 20th century; some adherents are serious and some are not. Wikipedia notes that: "those who are serious are often motivated by religion or conspiracy theories".[1]

While the Flat Earth Society straight out denies[2] being controlled opposition, the work of these proponents may still be an effort (or co-opted effort) by US/UK intelligence, to equate people who are interested in conspiracy theories with believers in Flat Earth, like Academic research into conspiracy beliefs does.

In the 2010s, advocates of internet censorship of sensitive issues often used corporate banning or shadowbanning of Flat Earth proponents as a soft start to gain acceptance for a broader censorship[3][4].


At some point after 2013, when Obama equated climate change deniers to members of the "Flat Earth Society",[5][6] YouTube saw a surge in videos that promote this thinking. Like Elsagate, the Youtube system made recommendations for these videos on a noticeable scale out of nowhere, but most likely primarily for those who watched conspiracy videos before.[7]


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