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Druthers is a free (gratis), uncensored, Canadian monthly newspaper that is not controlled by the globalists' corporatocracy.[1] Druthers is printed in Toronto and distributed via an underground network of volunteers.[citation needed]


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Druthers was started in 2020.[1]

Druthers had planned to expand into the USA, but that project has been shelved.[2]


A volunteer staff produces the content, "written by the people, for the people" (and even have a list of topics[3]) and Druthers crowdsources via Donorbox donations, e-transfers, checks/money orders, and crypto-donations[4] that pay the 10-cent/copy printing expenses[1][5] so the free newspapers may be handed to or delivered by thousands of volunteers primarily to other Canadian citizens.[5]

Subscriptions deliver issues to your door at various price levels.[6]

From the first 6 month newspaper editions Druthers compiled articles into a 172 page magazine.[7]

Druthers also sells stickers, T-shirts, hoodies, caps, and other merchandise.[8]


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Unlike most Canadian newspapers that have declined in circulation, Druthers keeps growing.[1][citation needed]

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You may read all the published issues for free online.[9]

Druthers Publications
Publisher Date Volume / Issue Circulation Front page PDF link Notes
Druthers 2020-12 December 2020 Volume 01 Issue 01 # 25,000[1] [features a collage of protest images] DRUTHERS-2020-December-Ontario.pdf
Druthers 2021-01 January 2021 Volume 01 Issue 02 # "There's Nothing Great About This 'Reset'" DRUTHERS-2021-January-Ontario.pdf
Druthers 2021-02 February 2021 Volume 01 Issue 03 # "Is The Freedom To Protest Dead In Canada?" DRUTHERS-2021-February-Canada.pdf
Druthers 2021-03 March 2021 Volume 01 Issue 04 # "A Pandemic Of Fraud" DRUTHERS-2021-March-Canada-revised.pdf
Druthers 2021-04 April 2021 Volume 01 Issue 05 # "The Unprecedented Crisis of Our Children's Physical and Mental Health" DRUTHERS-2021-April-Canada.pdf
Druthers 2021-05 May 2021 Volume 01 Issue 06 # "Death By Lockdown" Druthers-May-2021-final-2.pdf
Druthers 2021-06 June 2021 Volume 01 Issue 07 # "My Personal Testimony" Druthers-June-2021.pdf
Druthers 2021-07 July 2021 Volume 01 Issue 08 # "Active Duty Police: 'Together, We Can Win Our Freedoms Back!'" Druthers-July-2021.pdf
Druthers 2021-08 August 2021 Volume 01 Issue 09 # "The Birth of Medical Segregation in North America" Druthers-Aug-2021-final-resized.pdf
Druthers 2021-09 September 2021 Volume 01 Issue 10 # "Your Natural And Legal Rights To Refuse Mandatory Vaccination" Druthers-Sept-2021-final-resized.pdf
Druthers 2021-10 October 2021 Volume 01 Issue 11 # "Nurses' Open Letter To Justin Trudeau" druthers-october-2021-resized.pdf
Druthers 2021-11 November 2021 Volume 01 Issue 12 # 350,000[1] "Leave Our Kids Alone" druthers-november-2021.pdf
Druthers 2021-12 December 2021 Volume 01 Issue 13 #
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