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The armed forces of Australia, the Australian Defence Force (ADF).


Interoperablilty with British imperial and later US forces remains a core feature of Australian military procurement. In 2022, Charles Flynn, commanding general of the United States Army in the Pacific spoke of the Australian forces not only being "interoperable", but "interchangeable": "similar attack aviation, similar lift aviation, similar ground combat vehicles, similar air defence, short-rang,long-range, similar fires, networks."[1]

Covid jabs

As in many other countries, the Covid jab campaign, including distribution and propaganda, was run by the military. In June 2021, Lt Gen John Frewen was appointed head of the national Covid vaccine taskforce, in a role called "the office of the coordinator general"[2]. General Frewen’s role circumvented the normal bureaucratic paths and allowed him to deal directly with groups and companies involved in the rollout, meet with state and territory leaders and chief health officers, and report directly to the prime minister.[3]

Frewen was the national commander of all ADF personnel in the Middle East, including Iraq and Afghanistan, in 2017. Frewen said the National COVID Vaccine Taskforce was responsible for engagement with states and territories, and the distribution of "vaccines", plus to ensure confidence in the "vaccine" rollout and to ensure as many Australians were "vaccinated" as early as possible; and to plan the next phase of the Australian government’s Covid-19 "vaccination" communications campaign.[4]

In April 2021, navy Commodore Eric Young was appointed to manage logistics associated with program.[4] He has previously been deployed to the Middle East, incorporating staff roles in United States Navy platforms, and Director General of the United States Force Posture Initiatives in the Australian forces, which has the objective to improve interoperability between Australian and US armed forces.[5][6]

The names of the other members of the taskforce have not been made public, but include Colonel Spencer Norris, officer Cate Caldwell[7]. Dr Lucas de Toca from the Department of Health was First Assistant Secretary,[8] Caroline Roga[9], Yvette Sims, Sarah Duvall[10], Erin Anderson[11],Simone Ellacott[12],Ann Ronning[13],Sally Cooper[14],Tavish Roncon[15],and Katrina Brooks[16],Lisa Zwankhuizen[17].


Related Quotation

Peter Dutton““It would be inconceivable that we wouldn’t support the US in an action if the US chose to take that action...maybe there are circumstances where we wouldn’t take up that option, (but) I can’t conceive of those circumstances.””Peter Dutton13 November 2021


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John FrewenCommander of all Australian Defence personnel in the Middle East20172017
John FrewenCoordinator General of the National COVID Vaccine Taskforce2021
David McBrideLawyer20032017Whistleblower on war crimes
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