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(Member of Parliament)


UK Members of Parliament


In 2017 OpenDemocracy proved how unrepresentative the MPs were. The examples included[1]:

  • In 2017, just 7% of children go to private school in the UK, but 48% of Conservative MPs, 17% of Labour MPs and 14% of Lib Dems MPs were privately educated. Less than 1% of the population study at Oxford or Cambridge universities[2], compared to 75% of all the UK’s prime ministers and 26% of MPs.[3]
  • Only 2% of the adult UK population are landlords, while in 2016, 39% of Tory MPs, 26% of Scottish National party MPs and 22% of Labour MPs were landlords.[4]
  • Going back to 1979, no less than 10% of MPs from the three main parties have been barristers or solicitors (while 0.22% of the UK population are solicitors)[5], and the percentage of MPs that had been publishers or journalists has never fallen below 6% (less than 1% of the population are journalists)[6]. Over the same period, the percentage of MPs who were manual workers – such as miners – has decreased steadily from 15.8% 35 years ago to just 4% in 2017.[7]


Office Holders on Wikispooks

George Galloway29 February 2024
Michael Shanks5 October 2023
Paulette Hamilton3 March 2022
Anna Firth3 February 2022
Kim Leadbeater1 July 2021
Sarah Green17 June 2021
Kim Johnson13 December 2019
Claire Coutinho12 December 2019
Sarah Olney12 December 2019
Zarah Sultana12 December 2019
Angela Richardson12 December 2019
Nadia Whittome12 December 2019
Sam Tarry12 December 2019
Jane Dodds1 August 20196 November 2019
Emma Dent Coad9 June 20176 November 2019
Zac Goldsmith8 June 20176 November 2019
Neil O'Brien8 June 2017
Afzal Khan8 June 2017
Chris Hazzard8 June 2017
Anneliese Dodds8 June 2017
Bob Seely8 June 2017
Esther McVey2017
Sarah Olney1 December 20163 May 2017
Tracy Brabin20 October 201610 May 2021
Jim McMahon4 December 2015
Catherine West8 May 2015
Stephen Kinnock8 May 2015
Dawn Butler8 May 2015
Jo Cox8 May 201516 June 2016
James Cleverly7 May 2015
Naz Shah7 May 2015
Clive Lewis7 May 2015
Maggie Throup7 May 2015
Cat Smith7 May 2015
Ruth Smeeth7 May 20156 November 2019
Jess Phillips7 May 2015
Amanda Milling7 May 2015
Suella Braverman7 May 2015
Emma Lewell-Buck2 May 2013
George Galloway29 March 201230 March 2015
Lucy Powell2012
Jon Ashworth5 May 2011
Bob Stewart7 May 2010
Jane Ellison7 May 20103 May 2017
John Woodcock7 May 20106 November 2019
Mel Stride6 May 2010
Harriett Baldwin6 May 2010
Steve Rotheram6 May 2010
Jacob Rees-Mogg6 May 2010
Stephen Barclay6 May 2010
... further results
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