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Born31 March 1927
Drammen, Norway
Died26 February 1987 (Age 59)
Oslo's Fornebu Airport
Cause of death
cerebral hemorrhage?
Alma materOslo University
Member ofHarvard/International Seminar/1968
Norwegian foreign minister who attended 2 Bilderbergs in the early 1980s. Handpicked by spook Trond Johansen for the job.

Employment.png Norway/Minister of Foreign Affairs

In office
9 May 1986 - 26 February 1987
BossGro Harlem Brundtland
Died in office after a cerebral hemorrhage at age 59

Employment.png Member of the Storting

In office
1 October 1969 - 26 February 1987
Preceded byEinar Gerhardsen

Knut Frydenlund was a Norwegian diplomat and politician for the Labour Party who was foreign minister from 1973–1981 and again from 1986–1987. Frydenlund was a close friend of the influential deep politician and spook Trond Johansen, who handpicked him for the job.


Frydenlund was born in Drammen. He served his national service in the Norwegian Brigade in Germany, where he established his very close connection to Trond Johansen.[1]

Frydenlund began his diplomatic career in the 1950s, initially serving at the Norwegian embassy in Bonn 1953-55, together with Johansen, who worked as intelligence liaison to the Gehlen Organization.

Frydenlund served in various diplomatic positions during the 1950s and the 1960s.

In 1969 he was elected to parliament as a member of the Norwegian Labour Party, and he became foreign minister in the Labour government in 1973. He was active during the cover-up of the Lillehammer assassination, where he made sure the trial was kept behind closed doors and where he promised the Israelis the assassins would be release after serving 1/3 of their sentence.[2].

When former Foreign Minister Dagfinn Vårvik mentioned Trond Johansens's identity as intelligence leader in 1977, Frydenlund threatened Vårvik with prosecution.[3] Since then, Johansens's name and real role have extremely rarely been mentioned in corporate media.

While Labour was out of power from 1981 to 1986, he was replaced as foreign minister by Svenn Thorkild Stray, but returned to the office in May 1986. In February 1987, following his return from a Nordic Council meeting in Helsinki, he collapsed at Oslo's Fornebu Airport due to a cerebral hemorrhage and died soon afterwards at Ullevaal Hospital in Oslo.

In he 1970s, Frydenlund and Johansen kept contact with Arne Treholt, who in 1984 was arrested and convicted for espionage. The two encouraged Treholt in his unofficial contacts with the Soviets, and may have regarded hims as part of the Fourth Service at least until 1975[4].


Died suddenly at age 59 after a cerebral hemorrhage reported in Oslo's Fornebu Airport.


Events Participated in

Bilderberg/198115 May 198117 May 1981Switzerland
Palace Hotel
The 29th Bilderberg
Bilderberg/198214 May 198216 May 1982Norway
The 30th Bilderberg, held in Norway.


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