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Document:A New Islamic cultinterview20 November 2013Nacib Hoteit
Nadezhda Kevorkova
US/Foreign policy
Insights into the Western (especially US-Israeli) agenda for Syria and the Middle East following the effective blocking of a Libya-style military intervention in Syria by Russia in the Summer of 2013.
Document:Ambush of Russian Bomber Was Guided by US Reconnaissancearticle26 November 2015Alexei Leonkova2015 Russian Sukhoi Su-24 shootdown
Islamic State
2011 Syrian Insurgency
Interview with a Russian military expert and specialist in Russian Military Space Forces about the November 2015 shoot down of a Russian military jet by Turkish F16 fighter over Syria
Document:Andreas von Buelow - Interviewinterview13 January 2002Andreas von Bülow9-11Former German Cabinet Minister Attacks Official Brainwashing On 9-11. Instead of Bin Laden, he suggests that Zbigniew Brzezinski and Samuel Huntington were more likely involved.
Document:Counter-Intelligence: Spying Deters Democracyinterview7 July 2014Kim Petersen
Scott Noble
Deep state
Intelligence agency
Document:Dimitri Khalezov Interviewinterview14 October 2010Daniel Estulin
Dimitri Khalezov
Victor Bout
9-11/WTC Controlled demolition
Daniel Estulin probes the startling claims of Dimitri Khalezov - an ex-Soviet army nuclear weapons specialist - about the events of 9-11 and the then pending extradition of his colleague Victor Bout from Thailand to the USA on arms trafficking charges
Document:Electronic Espionage - A MemoirinterviewAugust 1972Perry FellwockNational Security Agency
Cold War
Document:Francis Boyle Interviewinterview6 April 2013Kourosh ZiabariIran
Document:French volunteer fighters for DPRinterview30 November 2014Andrey Borodulin2014 Ukraine coup/Civil warAn interview with two French volunteers with the Donbass Militia in Eastern Ukraine. The interview was conducted in Moscow.
Document:General Hamid Gul - Interviewinterview26 November 2001Arnaud de Borchgrave
Hamid Gul
2001 Invasion of Afghanistan
"9-11/Israel did it"
Just 15 days after the 9-11, an exclusive interview with former Pakistani Gen. Hamid Gul. in which he opines that Mossad, not al-Qaeda were the perpetrators of the attacks, and suggests that it USA has any evidence against Al Qaeda, it should present it to an international court.
Document:Guido Preparata 2012 Interviewinterview30 June 2012Lars Schall
Guido Preparata
Guido Preparata
Deep politics
Document:Igor Strelkov interviewinterview26 April 2014Komsomolskaya Pravda2014 Ukraine coup/Civil war
Igor Strelkov
Commander Igor Strelkov of the Eastern Ukrainian Peoples' Militia in Slavyansk gives his first open interview to Komsomolskaya Pravda
Document:Interview with Osama bin Ladeninterview28 September 2001Osama bin LadenAl-Qaeda
Osama bin Laden
Interview with Osama bin Laden by Pakistani newspaper soon after the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon
Document:Inteview with Michael Smithinterview27 July 2005Michael SmithDowning Street memo
Document:John Young Interviewinterview15 November 2013Michael MorisyCryptome
Surveillance State
Document:Ken Livingstone: Venezuela should have followed my economic adviceInterview3 August 2017Julia Hartley-Brewer
Luke Dolan
Ken Livingstone
Nicolás Maduro
Hugo Chávez
Fidel Castro
"America played a major part in Venezuela's current crisis but we won't know until 30 years from now, when all the papers get published."
Document:Margaret Hodge reflects on Jeremy Corbyninterview16 August 2016Peter HennessyMargaret Hodge
Jeremy Corbyn
Ken Livingstone
John McDonnell
Tom Watson
John McTernan
I know John McDonnell and Ken Livingstone. And I've known Jeremy Corbyn for 35 years when he first became the MP for Islington North and I was leader of Islington Council in local government. I know what they're about: they want the party to be a movement.
Document:Mother Agnes Mariam in her own wordsinterview29 November 2013Sharmine NarwaniSyrian Chemical Weapons Attack
Document:President Bashar al Assad - Interview 17 June 2013interview17 June 2013Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung editorial staffBashar al Assad
2011 Syrian Insurgency
An interview with Syrian President Basher al-Assad
Document:President Bashar al Assad - Interview 3 March 2013interview3 March 2013Sunday Times editorial staffBashar al Assad
Document:Ratko Mladic Interviewinterview26 August 2011CNNYugoslavia
Srebrenica Massacre
Ratko Mladić
Document:Re-living the war in an Irish Towninterview17 April 2005Pat Stack
Richard Norton-Taylor
Bloody Sunday - 1972
Document:Simon Mann Says He Was Asked to Help Start the Iraq Warinterview23 January 2013Simon MannSimon Mann
Document:Syrian Opposition is not United and Cohesiveinterview8 December 2013Kourosh Ziabari
Sharmine Narwani
2011 Syrian Insurgency
Document:The American Jewish scholar behind Labour's "antisemitism" scandal breaks his silenceInterview3 May 2016Jamie Stern-Weiner
Norman Finkelstein
Naz Shah
Sadiq Khan
Tony Blair
Jeremy Corbyn
Ken Livingstone
Bernie Sanders
"The Holocaust"
John Mann
Jonathan Freedland
Jill Stein
Hajo Meyer
Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions
Norman G. Finkelstein is clear: "It’s time to put a stop to this periodic charade, because it ends up besmirching the victims of the Nazi holocaust, diverting from the real suffering of the Palestinian people, and poisoning relations between the Jewish and Muslim communities. You just had an antisemitism hysteria last year, and it was a farce. And now again? Another inquiry? Another investigation? No."
Document:The Strange Death of Hugo ChavezInterview22 April 2016Mike Whitney
Eva Golinger
Hugo ChávezMike Whitney interviews Eva Golinger and discusses persuasive evidence that Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez did not die from a naturally occuring cancer in 2013
Document:The Terror Attacks in France. The Broader Geopolitical Implicationsinterview10 January 2015Umberto PascaliCharlie Hebdo shooting
Strategy of tension
Deep state
False flag
Interview with Umberto Pascali – For Voice of the People, TV Sonce, Skipje, Macedonia
Document:There is no military solution in North KoreaInterview5 September 2017Mishal HusainNorth Korea
Kim Jong-un
Donald Trump
Bill Rammell
Former Foreign Office Minister Bill Rammell says the United States needs to bring the international community together more effectively over North Korea
Document:US holds world record for the killing of innocent civiliansInterview transcript29 July 2014John McMurtry"War on Terror"
US/Foreign policy
A wide-ranging interview with Prof. John McMurtry that pulls no punches about the moral bankruptcy of the US globalising elite and its accomplices, allies and self-serving lackies. It covers the US War on Terror project, its military interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the 9-11 attacks.
Document:Unfit for LabourInterview11 April 2016Gilad AtzmonJewish Lobby
Labour Party
Jeremy Corbyn
Gilad Atzmon interviews Palestinian activist about Anti-semitism and her expulsion from the UK Labour Party.
Document:Utopiainterview15 November 2013John PilgerAustralian apartheid
Aboriginal peoples
Document:Venezuela critics are just Blairites having a kick at Jeremy CorbynInterview7 August 2017George Galloway
Luke Dolan
Nicolás Maduro
Hugo Chávez
Jeremy Corbyn
Abby Martin
National Constituent Assembly
Michael Prysner
Mike Pence
For nineteen years the United States government and its secret agents have been trying to overthrow the Venezuela political process. Why might that be? Well, there are many reasons but the biggest among them has the smallest name: OIL.
Document:Vladimir Putin Interviewinterview5 September 2013Vladimir Putin2011 Syrian Insurgency
"War on Terror"
Edward Snowden
Press interview with Vladimir Putin ahead of the September 2013 G20 meeting in St Petersburg
Document:Vladimir Putin interview with French mediainterview4 June 2014Vladimir PutinRussia
2014 Ukraine coup
The Great Game
Vladimir Putin interview with two French media men on the eve of his visit to France for the 70th anniversary commemoration of the Allied Normandy landings
Document:Washington with ISIS - Moscow with SyriaInterview12 September 2015Michel ChossudovskyIslamic State
Press TV interview with Prof Michael Chossudovsky that juxtaposes Russian and US relations with the Syrian State together with the realities (and legalities) behind their respective deeds and actions.
Document:Who pulls Boko Haram’s strings?interview16 July 2013Keith Harmon-SnowBoko Haram
Keith Harmon-Snow interviewed by Voice of Russia about Boko Haram and the beneficiaries of their activities
File:A Closer Look - Indira Singh talks about Ptech.pdfinterview28 October 2005Michael CorbinPtech
Bank of Credit and Commerce International
The Octopus
Shell game
Terror financing
Indira Singh
One of the few interviews with IT specialist Indira Singh about her experience with Ptech and her subsequent findings on 9-11 before she went silent.
U.S. Prison Guard Remembers Eisenhower's Death Campsvideo7 April 2015Rheinwiesenlager
Eisenhower's Holocaust
Document:In Eisenhower's Death Camps
Dwight D. Eisenhower

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