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(politician, spook, consultant)
BornGideon Markuszower
Tel Aviv, Israel
ResidenceAmstelveen,  the Netherlands
Alma materUniversity of Amsterdam, VU University Amsterdam, The Hebrew University
Interests • Palestine
• Israel
PartyParty for Freedom
PVV MP, publicly mentioned in 2010 by the AIVD for "sharing information and being under the influence of the Mossad". Was elected MP for Geert Wilders his senate fraction in 2015.

Employment.png Netherlands/Member of the Senate

In office
June 2015 - 2017

Employment.png Advisor Anton van Schijndel

In office
September 2005 - January 2007

Employment.png Managing Director Benelux Division & Dutch Division

In office
January 2010 - Present
EmployerVAT IT Reclaim
Also responsible for Monaco

Employment.png Security guard

In office
2015 - 2017

Gideon "Gidi" Markuszower is an Israeli-Dutch MP. Markuszower got publicly mentioned in 2010 by the AIVD for "sharing information and being under the influence of a foreign intelligence entity", which was hinted by sources to be the Mossad. Ernst Hirsch Ballin called him "a serious threat for the integrity of the Netherlands." He was dropped from the PVV party-list for the 2010 elections and was instead elected MP for Geert Wilders his senate fraction in 2015.[1] [2]


Markuszower has multiple law degrees and is the main spokesperson for the PVV for security and justice reform. Markuszower was a member, consultant and security guard for the Dutch-division of Israeli political party Likud. He was arrested in 2008 in Amsterdam for unlawfully carrying of a firearm while working there while protecting Israeli Likud members.[3]


Mossad Connection

Markuszower withdrew from the 2010 Dutch general election after outgoing Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin sent a letter containing incriminating information about him to party leader Geert Wilders with information from the intelligence service AIVD]. Markuszower acknowledged in an interview with newspaper NRC Handelsblad that the AIVD letter was the reason he left. The letter labeled Markuszower a "risk to the integrity" of the Netherlands. He was allegedly involved in an organization that "transferred information" to "a foreign power." He also had contact with employees of a foreign intelligence agency, according to the letter. The letter gave no details, but sources of the newspaper suspected that Israel and the Mossad were involved.[4]

NOS interviewed Markuszower for Nieuwsuur in 2017 in which he announced no more further statements on the case after calling it an "evil letter of the AIVD"[5]. Markuszower also did not explain the need or why he was arrested on the suspicion of unlawfully carrying a weapon as "security guard" for Jewish institutions.[6] During his political tenure he requested a closing of Dutch borders for Muslims. Neither Geert Wilders, neither the AIVD or Markuszower has actually explained why he was accepted as MP years later instead.

Jewish Consultant

Markuszower wrote in a mail that Jewish people that were defending Judge Richard Goldstone his UN report were "snitches" that should be banned for life from society and kicked out of their country. He remarked: "In old Poland, we knew how to deal with these kinds of despicable little Jews. They were simply plucked out of the synagogue and kicked out of the village; at best. At worst, they were abandoned in the cold forests of Eastern Europe and never found again."[7]

Markuszower also was the treasurer of the Dutch Israelite Religious Community from 2014 to 2018 and member of the Central Jewish Consults from 2014 to 2015.[8] In that role Markuszower was suspended after an internal power struggle with the head rabbi who gave an election tip to Jewish-Dutch nationals to "not vote for Geert Wilders and Front National because Adolf Hitler also was elected democratically". Following closing statements calling the rabbi "intellectually lazy" for keeping to use World War 2 as main argument for every political decision, Markuszower resigned after losing an preliminary injunction.[9] From 2015 to 2017 Markuszower was chairman of the parliamentary permanent commission for immigration and asylum in the Dutch senate.

“The current immigration policy is one big crime against the Dutch people. And they, all of you here should be brought before a tribunal”
Gidi Markuszower (2022)  [10]

Vice Prime Minister

In 2024 he was suggested as new Dutch Minister of Immigration, Asylum and Vice Prime Minister by 2024 Dutch General Election winner Geert Wilders. Wilders withdrew him for the role after the AIVD recommended him to, citing a "security risk".[11][12][13]


Markuszower advocates "the removal from society of every Jew that publicly questions Israel's handling of Gaza."[14]

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