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(investigative journalist)
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Interests • Dr David Kelly
• Jimmy Savile
British journalist who wrote about the death of Dr David Kelly

Miles Goslett is an award-winning British journalist who has written for the Sunday Telegraph, The Sunday Times, Mail on Sunday, Daily Mail, The Sun, The Oldie and The Spectator,[1][2] and is currently the UK editor of the news and opinion website Heat Street.[3]

Award winner

Miles Goslett has won the Scoop of the Year award four times: once at the 2009 British Press Awards, and three times at the London Press Club awards in 2009, 2013 and 2016.[4][5]

The 2009 awards were for exposing the 'Sachsgate'[6][7][8] scandal. The 2013 award was for exposing the Jimmy Savile sexual abuse scandal,[9][10] and is shared with journalists Meirion Jones, Liz MacKean and Mark Williams-Thomas. The 2016 award was for the Kids Company scandal.

In February 2016, Goslett was named by Louise Mensch as the UK editor of her news and opinion website Heat Street.[11][12]

An Inconvenient Death

Stephen Glover of the Daily Mail reported in 2013 that Goslett has also written about the death of Dr David Kelly.[13]

Goslett's book "An Inconvenient Death" was published on 5 April 2018 by Head of Zeus with the following synopsis:

The death of Dr David Kelly in 2003 is one of the strangest events in recent British history. This scrupulous scientist, an expert on weapons of mass destruction, was caught up in the rush to war in Iraq. He felt under pressure from those around Tony Blair to provide evidence that Saddam Hussein was producing WMD. Kelly seemed to have tipped into sudden depression when he was outed as a source for Andrew Gilligan.
But the circumstances of his death are replete with disquieting questions – every detail, from his motives to the method of his death, his body's discovery and the way in which the state investigated his demise, seems on close examination not to make sense. There was never a full coroner's inquest into his death, which would have allowed medical and other evidence to be carefully interrogated. In this painstaking and meticulous book, Miles Goslett shows why we should be deeply sceptical of the official narrative and reminds us of the desperate measures those in power resorted to in that feverish summer of 2003.[14]

talkRADIO interview

On 26 April 2018, George Galloway spoke with Miles Goslett, author of "An Inconvenient Death: How the Establishment Covered Up the David Kelly Affair", about the events surrounding the "strange" passing of Dr Kelly.[15]

Miles Goslett: "Dr David Kelly did not take his own life"


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