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The Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA), is a central spook/deep state think-tank in Washington, as can be seen by their staff and advisory board.

"CEPA believes that the strategic theater encompassing the region between Berlin to Moscow, and from the Barents Sea to the Black Sea, represents an area vital of strategic interest to the United States."[1]


CEPAs mission statement is "Through innovative ideas, effective relationships, and media engagement CEPA works to bring about positive change in Central-East Europe and Russia by strengthening NATO’s frontline, better understanding the Kremlin’s strategic aims, promoting greater solidarity within the EU, and bolstering Atlanticism."

  • Bolstering Atlanticism [2] - Ensuring Atlanticism remains a priority for future generations. ie grooming a cadre of European leader to be subservient to US interests.
  • Strengthening the Frontline - Fostering greater security among NATO’s easternmost Allies by strengthening the strategic anchors of Euro-Atlantic defense. ie pushing for heavy rearmament of Eastern Europe
  • Strategy and Statecraft Cultivating new sources of competitive advantage for U.S. strategy ie Statecraft seems to be a word used to create the rationale for blatantly aggressive behavior
  • CEPA StratCom Fortifying the Western narrative against disinformation - This think-tank is heavily involved in propaganda networks like Integrity Initiative, but no doubt CEPAs's activities stretch much further.


Charlie Hatton, a member of the Integrity Initiative was mentioned in Chris Donnelly's visit to Washington as "Charlie Hatton CEPA 1225 19th Street NW"[3].

Edward Lucas is Senior Vice President in CEPA

The International Advisory Council includes (selection): Zbigniew Brzezinski (marked as deceased, but still first on the list). Madeleine Albright, Anne Applebaum, Carl Bildt, Eliot Cohen, Timothy Garton Ash, Toomas Hendrik Ilves, Hans Binnendijk and Adrian Basora[4]


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