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(Journalist, Covid-19 dissenter)
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Interests • COVID-19/Purposes
• Gamaleya Research Institute
US/Russian writer with a focus on Geopolitics and Covid.

Riley Waggaman is an American writer and journalist based in Moscow. He currently writes as 'Edward Slavsquat' on Substack about the Covid situation in Russia and the Sputnik V "vaccines".[1]

Own description

"I’m originally from California but spent my adolescence and regrettable college years in Massachusetts. Then I moved to Washington, DC to pursue a career in Writing. Huge mistake.

After about a year I was completely burnt out and ready for something new. Something a bit different. Yadda yadda I ended up in Russia around 2013 and now I live 25 km outside of Moscow and write a blog called Edward Slavsquat. Life comes at you pretty fast.

Before going solo, I worked for Russia Insider, then got a job as a Moscow correspondent for PressTV. Then I spent around four years as a “senior editor” at RT (I was just a plebe writer; I have no idea why I was given such a fancy-sounding title but I will continue to refer to myself as a “senior editor.” RT should probably rethink its position-naming protocols)."[2]

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