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Persistent spamming and other unhelpful edits have lead the administration to restrict editing on WikiSpooks. For what is an essentially libertarian undertaking the restriction galls and is not taken lightly. It is considered necessary because WikiSpooks is NOT intended to reflect corporate-sponsored worldviews but is an outlet for those whose careful study of the evidence has lead them to fundamentally question the stories told by the commercially-controlled media. Editing this site is a privilege which can and will be removed should this undertaking be persistently breached. The aim of requiring editors to register, and making registration conditional on acceptance of this undertaking is to exclude those who are fundamentally opposed to the entire site rationale and its existence.

Party politics

Full article: Party politics

The restriction is also intended to exclude those seeking to promote an established political party. Deep Politics takes it as axiomatic that existing establishment groups are already hopelessly co-opted by the permanent government and its deep political structures. This applies especially to the main political parties whose function essentially is to take part in an endless energy-sapping and distracting dispute between their respective adherents over trivia, whilst cultivating a solid consensus on epoch-defining issues - usually by ignoring them totally until they become unavoidable. Left or Right? - it makes little difference - we will wage war, either for 'humanitarian intervention' purposes or to 'fight terrorism' with the real reasons - the elephants in the living room - remaining hidden and/or out-of-bounds for allowable public discourse. When it comes to the mainstream parties, neither left nor right is superior; they are merely two sides of the same establishment coin.

No barrier to debate

None of this is intended as a barrier to vigorous evidence-based contributions that disagree with this or that aspect of alleged 'Deep Political' phenomena nor even the merits of a 'Left/Right wing' view of what society needs or does not need (though the whole linear political spectrum analogy is probably well past its sell-by date). It is simply to make it crystal clear that WikiSpooks is NOT the place for the promotion of ANY "Establishment" organisation or "official narrative" and registered users should understand that it will will be removed if it appears.

Registered user undertakings

So, registered users must agree and undertake as follows:

  1. I understand and am broadly sympathetic to the rationale and purpose of the WikiSpooks site.
  2. I will not undertake any article creation or editing...
    1. at the behest of any third party - especially not an "authoritative" third party
    2. for monetary reward or any other consideration of personal material benefit
  3. I will not engage in party-political activity nor activity on behalf of ANY "Establishment" organisation, on this site.
  4. I will confine my opposition to, or support for any "official narrative" to evidence-based argument and debate; whilst recognising that deep political theory - and hence WikiSpooks - holds to a presumption against "Authority" as a reliable source of evidence.
  5. I will not engage in persistent edit reversals but will instead involve a site administrator to arbitrate any such dispute at an early stage.
  6. I will at all times maintain a courteous approach to dispute.
  7. I understand that items 5 & 6 apply especially to discussion pages where although vigorous debate is welcome, personal venom and ad hominem[1] attacks are not.


  1. "ad-hominem" - definition

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