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Pages in the Document namespace (i.e. with names which begin "Document:") are not ongoing productions but finished pieces of work.

A preference is given for publishing works in their entirety as a single document, even when they are serialised, unless their are special reasons for treating them separately (for example, if they have different subjects, or if their separate publication dates are important).

Two special rules apply to the Document: namespace which apply nowhere else on Wikispooks:

1. Use Template:Document

All pages in the document: namespace use the template:Document template at the top. This provides a convenient way to provide metadata such as the author, source, publication date, document type and so on. Putting all the metadata in a predictable place facilitates Semantic Mediawiki. All this information is editable, and you are encouraged to fill out as many of the fields as you can.

2. No Content Editing

Unlike other namespaces, where page editing is encouraged, content of pages in the document: namespace must not be changed, since they are finished pieces of work by the author(s) credited in template:Document. Formatting improvements (especially adding internal wikilinks) are encouraged, as is the fixing of typos, but no other edits are acceptable; the authenticity of source documents must be preserved with the same attention as direct quotations. If you wish to make a comment about the document, the appropriate way to do so is to use Template:Rate.

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