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Moscow-based anti-Zionist think tank and web publishing organisation

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Started: 2010/06/08

In its own words:
"Strategic Culture Foundation provides a platform for exclusive analysis, research and policy comment on Eurasian and global affairs. We are covering political, economic, social and security issues worldwide. Since 2005 our journal has published thousands of analytical briefs and commentaries with the unique perspective of independent contributors from the US, Canada, India, Russia and Europe. SCF works to broaden and diversify expert discussion by focusing on hidden aspects of international politics and unconventional thinking. Benefiting from the expanding power of the Internet, we work to spread reliable information, critical thought and progressive ideas."

Language: Russian


The editor-in-chief is Vladimir Maximenko.


Documents sourced from Strategic Culture Foundation

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Brussels Attack: Another Chapter in NATO's Gladio Strategy?article2016 Brussels Bombing
Operation Gladio
Operation Gladio/B
27 March 2016Wayne MadsenAnalysis of the 2016 Brussels Bombing from an experienced terror-sceptic.
MH17 Tribunal. The Trap Russia AvoidedarticleMalaysia Airlines Flight 172 August 2015Christopher BlackThe trap being set by the July 2015 UK-proposed UNSC resolution to establish a UN Tribunal to investigate and prosecute those responsible for the shooting down of the Malaysian airliner - by an author with coal-face experience of these things
Mrs. May & MI5 In DisarraywebpageTheresa May
11 June 2017Matthew Jamison
Orwell's 1984 - Irregular warfare against EurasiaarticleThe Great Game
2014 Ukraine coup
23 June 2014Wayne MadsenFrom Halford Mackinders Heartland Theory to 21st century Colour revolutions, Orwell's dystopian 1984 vision is being realised.
Phone Wrecks: The Secret Agenda of Ashton and Nulandarticle2014 Ukraine coup7 March 2014Wayne MadsenIt has become a predictable and all-to-familiar feature of US sponsored regime-change operations that mysterious snipers turn out to kill both government forces and opposition protesters before disappearing.
Seymour Hersh Says Hillary Approved Sending Libya’s Sarin to Syrian RebelsArticleHillary Clinton
Barack Obama
Donald Trump
Seymour Hersh
Rex Tillerson
28 April 2016Eric ZuesseThe commercially-controlled media won’t inform the public when a US Secretary of State, and her boss the US President, are the persons actually behind a sarin gas attack they’re blaming on a foreign leader the US aristocrats and their allied foreign aristocrats are determined to topple and replace. Is this really a democracy?
The BRICS/SCO Summit(s) in Ufa Marks the Start of a Silk World OrderarticleNew Development Bank
New Silk Road
9 July 2015Mahdi Darius NazemroayaCommentary on the aparent pending demise of the Bretton Woods/Petro-Dollar regime with the rise of the New Silk Road World Order
The Death of Hugo ChavezarticleHugo Chávez14 March 2016Nil NikandrovEvidence that the death of Venezuelan 'Bolivarian' President Hugo Chavez was murder.
The Massive PSYOP Employed against Ukraine by GCHQ and NSAarticle2014 Ukraine coup
US/Sponsored Regime-change efforts since 1945
28 February 2014Wayne MadsenThe rapidly developing internet and electroic communications-based PSYOPS capabilities of US-UK intelligence agencies and their targeted use against the government of the Ukraine