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TypePublic university


Alumni on Wikispooks

Henrik Beer19151987SwedenBureaucracySecretary General of the International Red Cross. Attended the 1963 and 1964 Bilderbergs.
Carl Bildt15 July 1949SwedenPolitician
Deep politician
Swedish deep politician and serial Bilderberger
Anders Borg11 January 1968SwedenPolitician
Double Bilderberg Swedish Minister for Finance
Nick Bostrom10 March 1973SwedenPhilosopherSweden philosopher who first attended the Bilderberg in 2019.
Antony Burgmans13 February 1947NetherlandsBusinesspersonDutch businessman
Urban Bäckström25 May 1954SwedenEconomist
Central banker
Former Governor of the Bank of Sweden. Attended the 2010 Bilderberg as DG of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise
Bernt Carlsson21 November 193821 December 1988Diplomat
Mikael Damberg13 October 1971SwedenPoliticianSwedish single Bilderberg politician
Ida Eklund-Lindwall9 December 1980SwedenAnalyst
Deep state operative
An anti-Russian, ex-Amnesty International member of the Dutch cluster of the II, promoted as an expert on "disinformation".
Anna Ekström23 June 1959SwedenPolitician
Johan EliaschFebruary 1962Sweden
Pehr G. V. Gyllenhammar23 April 190122 November 1988SwedenBusinesspersonSwedish insurance company executive
Dag Hammarskjöld29 July 190518 September 1961SwedenAuthor
The 2nd Secretary-General of the United Nations who died in highly suspicious circumstances while trying to make peace in the Congo.
Mats Hellström12 January 1942SwedenPoliticianAttended the 1985 Bilderberg as Swedish Minister for Foreign Trade.
Allan Hernelius19 March 19111 February 1986SwedenEditorInternational Press Institute/President from 1962-64
Yngve Holmberg21 March 192529 October 2011SwedenPoliticianAttended the 1967 Bilderberg as Leader of the Swedish Moderate Party
Carl Hubertus30 April 1946SwedenKingKing of Sweden
Mats Johansson26 December 195124 June 2017SwedenEditorSwedish editor mentioned as a person of interest by the Integrity Initiative, but died in 2017
Herman Kling12 July 191316 June 1985SwedenDiplomat
Swedish diplomat. Attended Bilderberg 1963 as Minster of Justice.
Gunnar Lange9 March 190916 September 1976SwedenPoliticianSwedish Social Democrat politician and Minister of Trade 1955-1970. He attended the 1962 Bilderberg meeting.
Bertil Ohlin23 April 18993 August 1979SwedenPolitician
Swedish economist and politician who attended 3 Bilderbergs up to the 1962 Bilderberg
Lisbet Palme14 March 193118 October 2018
Olof Palme30 January 192728 February 1986SwedenLeader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party from 1969, and two-term Prime Minister, until his assassination in 1986.
Fredrik Reinfeldt4 August 1965SwedenPoliticianSwedish politician
Johan Rockström31 December 1965SwedenAcademicCo-wrote the Planetary Emergency Action Plan for the Club of Rome in 2018, predicting that 2020 will be a “Super Year” for international policy action, leading to "the fastest economic transformation in our history." Presumed speaker at 2019 Bilderberg conference.
Tor SellströmPolitical science


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