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John Newhouse
David Owen
Olof PalmeLeader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party from 1969, and two-term Prime Minister, until his assassination in 1986.
James Alfred Perkins
Frits Philips
Albert Ritchie
Eric RollAttended 36 Bilderberg conferences - more than anyone else from UK.
Edmond Adolphe de RothschildRothschild family member...
Samuel Rozemond
Helmut Schmidt
John M. Simon
Gerard C. Smith
Theo Sommer
Fernand Spaak
Paul StehlinFrench politician who went to the 1973 Bilderberg and who died after a traffic accident in 1975
Ugo Stille
Thorvald Stoltenberg
Shepard StoneBilderberg Steering committee member who was Director of International Affairs of the Ford Foundation for 15 years.
Gunnar Strang
Dick Taverne
Terkel Terkelsen
Otto Tidemand
Berend Udink
Victor Umbricht
Gerrit Wagner
Marcus Wallenberg
Krister Wickman
Carroll Wilson
Hans-Jürgen Wischnewski
Jean Charles Snoy et d'Oppuers