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Page nameBornDiedSummaryDescription
Mark Minnie14 August 2018Author
Police officer
VIPaedophile/Premature death
A paedophile investigator shot dead nine days after publishing a book about a 1980s VIPaedophile network involving members of the South African government
Daniel Mitrione4 August 192010 August 1970Police officer
Timothy MurphyPolice officer
Holger Münch17 August 1961Police officer
Kenneth Newman15 August 1926Police officer
John O'Neill6 February 195211 September 2001Police officer
9-11/Premature death
A respected and sincere opponent of "terrorism" who faced opposition in trying to investigate the U.S.S. Cole attack and was later made Head of Security for the World Trade Center, where he was killed on his first day at work, September 11th, 2001.
John Orr3 September 194519 February 2018Police officerDCS John Orr led the Lockerbie investigation (1988 to 1990)
Brian Paddick24 April 1958Politician
Police officer
Manuel PenaSpook
Police officer
José Sanjenís Perdomo25 May 1935Spook
Police officer
Deep state operative
Perdomo was senior policeman under Carlos Prio, exiled to US where he joined the CIA and played a vital role putting together Operation 40. In 1980 he was working as the night doorman at the Dakota Hotel, and witnessed the murder of John Lennon.
David Petrie9 September 18797 August 1961Spook
Police officer
Wartime head of MI6 after just 5 years in the organisation.
Peter Power1951Soldier
Police officer
Terror expert
A former member of the anti-terrorism squad who volunteered the revelation that on 7-7 he was running a drill at "precisely" the same stations at the same time as the attacks took place.
Joseph Recarey5 June 196725 May 2018Police officer
Epstein Affair/Premature death
Stephen RimmerPropagandist
Police officer
Tony RobinsonWhistleblower
Police officer
Lancashire Police Special branch 1965-1981. He was responsible for vetting workers at the Ford Halewood plant. He has spoken to TV about interference in Police business by MI5.
Mark RowleyPolice officer
Adrian Schoolcraft1976Whistleblower
Police officer
An NYPD officer who made hundreds of audio recordings of his workplace and was confined to a mental institution as a result.
Charles Shoebridge1961Author
Police officer
"Terrorism expert"
Percy Sillitoe22 May 18885 April 1962Spook
Police officer
John Stalker17 April 193915 February 2019Police officer
Paul Stephenson26 September 1953Police officer
John Stevens21 October 1942Police officer
John Alexander SymondsSpook
Police officer
Mark ThompsonPolice officer
Deep state functionary
Basil Thomson21 April 186126 March 1939Spook
Police officer
Deep state operative
Mike VealePolice officer
David Veness20 September 1947Spook
Police officer
"Terrorism expert"
Deep state actor
UK senior policeman/ "counter terrorist" who sat on the Mishcon Note.
Barry WalkerPolice officerA retired Hong Kong Police Force officer and commentator on the Lockerbie Bombing.
Buddy Walthers10 January 1969Police officer
JFK/Assassination/Premature death
A JFK assassination related death
John Weir1950Whistleblower
Police officer
RUC sergeant turned whistleblower
Gene Wheaton1936Spook
Police officer
Deep state operative
Kenneth WilliamsPolice officerAn FBI agent who passed on to his superiors specific information in advance of the 9/11 attacks, which they ignored.
Terrance Yeakey8 May 1996Soldier
Police officer
Oklahoma City bombing/Premature death
The first policeman on the scene of the Oklahoma City bombing. Reportedly a suicide.