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A virus presented by corporate media in 2021 as the next big thing, despite only a handful of deaths since 2005. Super-deadly but apparently now with asymptomatic infection (i.e no symptoms) that can be detected with a PCR test. May be cover for vaccine injuries.

The Marburg virus is a single-stranded RNA Virus named after Marburg, the German city where it first appeared in Europe. In the last half of 2021 corporate media started warning of a possible epidemic.

By remarkable coincidence, a PCR-test able to give massive amounts of false positive results and a RNA vaccine have already been created (both despite only 16 deaths since 2005); and the growing avalanche of injuries from the COVID-19/Vaccines have the same symptoms, like microthrombosis and bleeding in the intestinal tract, and can now conveniently be blamed on Marburg[1].

Official narrative

The Marburg virus belongs to the Filoviridae family. This family of viruses is responsible for some of the most pathogenic viral infections in humans. Although quite close to the Ebola virus, it is known to be less lethal than the latter. It nevertheless represents a sufficiently high biological hazard that it can only be handled in a P4 or BSL-4 laboratory (biosafety level 4 laboratory) 3,4. The first known cases appeared among researchers in Germany in 1967, before the development of two major epidemics in 2000, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and in 2005, in Angola.

Like the Ebola virus, Marburg viruses can infect many different cell types. After an incubation period of usually three to nine days, but no longer than 21 days, the first unspecific symptoms appear, which are similar to the initial symptoms of malaria, typhoid or yellow fever. These symptoms include severe, watery diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, severe chest and lung pain, sore throat, and cough. In a high percentage of those infected, the virus triggers a high hemorrhagic fever five to seven days after the onset of the disease, which predominantly affects the gastrointestinal tract and lungs.

The mortality from this disease varies greatly, depending on medical care and the virus strain, between 22.6% (outbreak 1967) and 88.0% in Uige (Angola, 2004–2005).For example, the strain found in Angola had a higher virulence than the strain found in Germany in 1967. Even if the high mortality is rather disadvantageous for the spread of the virus, the virus is nonetheless well adapted to its ultimate host, humans, since a high level of contagiousness is reached due to the viral load that causes the high mortality.

Points of interest

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson's father Stanley, wrote a 1982 book about the Marburg virus

An interesting working hypothesis comes from Laura Carosi, who published the statements from doctor who performs autopsies in Covid hospitals, but who has remained anonymous for security reasons. This doctor had received a circular about a possible arrival of yellow fever in Venezuela:

They say that yellow fever or, worse still, the Marburg virus has arrived. Both cause thrombosis/microthrombosis and bleeding in the intestinal tract. So they blame the two viruses for the damage suffered by those vaccinated against Covid, that is, they cover up the deaths. Oddly enough, PCR tests for yellow fever and Marburg are on the way. Here is the new pandemic.[2]

  • Biontech is producing its COVID-19 vaccine at its factory in Marburg, Germany, one of the largest mRNA vaccine manufacturing sites in Europe as well as worldwide with an annual production capacity of up to one billion doses.[3]
  • GAVI (heavily funded by Bill Gates) published an article on 22-April 2021 titled “The next pandemic: Marburg?”. There have been numerous corporate media articles highlighting an upcoming threat Marburg and referencing the WHO in recent months.[4][1]
  • Marburg Virus is a relatively rare haemorrhagic fever which was first described in 1967, there have only been a total of 376 related deaths, and only 16 deaths since 2005.
  • The company Primerdesign developed a one-step Real-Time PCR test genesig® in 2018 for Marburg haemorrhagic fever. Why would they develop a test in 2018 for an illness which has not had a major outbreak since 2005?[5][1]
  • Soligenix, are per 2021 rushing to trial a ricin-rich vaccine RiVax® for Marburg haemorrhagic fever. RiVax has Fast Track designation for the prevention of ricin intoxication by the US FDA. [6]Approval of ricin toxin vaccine will utilize the FDA Animal Rule to eliminate the phase 1, 2 & 3 trials. This is a strange hurry to approve a vaccine for which there has only been a total of 376 deaths since 1967 and only 16 deaths since 2005? The main component of the Rivax vaccine is Ricin is a lectin and a highly potent toxin produced in the seeds of the castor oil plant.[1]
  • Soligenix shareholders include BlackRrock Fund Advisors, Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC, etc.[7]
  • Ricin is a lectin and a highly potent toxin produced in the seeds of the castor oil plant. Ricin is very toxic if inhaled, injected, or ingested. It acts as a toxin by inhibiting protein synthesis. It prevents cells from assembling various amino acids into proteins according to the messages it receives from messenger RNA in a process conducted by the cell’s ribosome (the protein-making machinery) – that is, the most basic level of cell metabolism, essential to all living cells and thus to life itself.[1]
  • A paper tilled Asymptomatic Infection of Marburg Virus was published by the NIH in January 2021.[8]
  • Jon Rappoport reported that chemist David Rasnick, PhD, has examined published literature on Ebola, and has concluded: “I have examined in detail the literature on isolation and EMs [EM: electron microscope pictures] of both Ebola and Marburg viruses. I have not found any convincing evidence that Ebola virus (and for that matter Marburg) has been isolated from humans. There is certainly no confirmatory evidence of human isolation.”[9]

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