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The Land Destroyer Report is operated by independent geopolitical analyst Brian Berletic; it moved to in October 2021.


Documents sourced from Land Destroyer Report

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:Bangkok Blast - Who the Liars Say Did It, Says it Allarticle"Terrorism"
Saudi Arabia
National Endowment for Democracy
State-sponsored terrorism
2015 Bangkok bomb
18 August 2015Tony CartalucciAnalysis of the 18 August terrorist bombing in Bangkok illustrating western media (especially the BBC) bias by omission of major salient points
Document:Belarus Under SiegewebpageColour revolution
29 July 2011Michele Brand
Document:Depravity Redefined - Selling US Slaughter in SyriaarticleSyrian Chemical Weapons Attack8 September 2013Tony CartalucciHow horrific images are used to manipulate gullible publics into defending the indefensible in Syria
Document:Meet a PropagandistwebpageAndrew Gavin Marshall4 August 2011Tony Cartalucci
Document:NATO Psy-Op Collapseswebpage2011 Attacks on Libya23 August 2011Tony Cartalucci
Document:US Feigns "Horror" Over Cooked-Up Report on Syrian War They Engineeredarticle2011 Syrian Insurgency
Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi
22 January 2014Tony CartalucciEssential information about the 'Shock-Horror' report on alleged Syrian government atrocities, published the day before the 'Geneva 2' talks on the ongoing Syrian disaster were due to start
Document:US Openly Approves Hong Kong Chaos it CreatedarticleGlobalisation
Hong Kong
Occupy Central
30 September 2014Tony CartalucciThere is more to "Occupy Central" and the September 2014 demonstrations in Hong Kong than western media reports of "popular protests for democracy". The movement is thoroughly compromised by its links to and funding by US State Department and other Western NGO's
Document:US Planned Syrian Civilian Catastrophe Since 2007articleSyria4 September 2014Tony Cartalucci
File:War On Syria.pdfeBookSyriaNovember 2011Nile Bowie
Tony Cartalucci
A look at the intricacies of the West's methods of unconventional warfare over the last several years, finally miring Syria in a state of war. In spite of a strangely disjointed 'author's note' introduction, this is a solid account of early 21st century Western methods of covert/proxy warfare (with Syria as its main focus).
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