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A mammoth one man effort to tell the stories that corporate media never will. A lot of videos.

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"News you won't find on CNN or Fox News"
Started: June 2001
Founder: Tom Feeley

Member of: PropOrNot/List
Founder/Owner: Tom Feeley
In its own words:
"Not For Profit - For Global Justice - Since 2001"

Main focus: war, war crimes

Information Clearing House is a massive compendium of dissident reporting, run by Tom Feeley, with help from 'Dick M'.[1] In 2016 it was included on the PropOrNot List. The site editing was temporarily suspended after Feeley had a stroke on 21st March, 2016.[2]


Tom Feeley describes the site's outlook that "that no life is more valuable than another, that every person has a right to live a life of peace and joy."[1]


In April 2019, it was ranked around 65,000 globally.[3]


Over 50,000 pages, as of October 2018.


Documents sourced from Information Clearing House

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:CIA Killings Spell Defeat In Afghanistanarticle2001 Invasion of Afghanistan
8 January 2010Douglas Valentine
Document:Leaked Putin-Bandar meeting reportdiplomatic communicationVladimir Putin
Bandar bin Sultan
2011 Syrian Insurgency
25 August 2013Leaked report of a meeting between Vladimir Putin and Bandar bin Sultan, then intelligence chief of Saudi Arabia, during which bin Sultan issues scarcely veiled threats against the Sochi winter Olympics if Russia continued to frustrate actions to depose President Assad of Syria
Document:Medical Challenge to the David Kelly Suicide VerdictstatementDavid Kelly/Assassination14 March 2005David Halpin
Document:Selling Secrets?articleGlenn Greenwald
Edward Snowden
Pierre Omidyar
Edward Snowden Affair
1 December 2013Glenn GreenwaldGlenn Greenwald's personal apologia - cum - mia-culpa. Written in response to devastating criticism of his motives and actions in the Edward Snowden affair to date.
Document:Sins of Statecraft - The War on Terror Exposedpaper"War on Terror"
Cold War
Committee on the Present Danger
Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism
Military-industrial-congressional complex
29 July 2006Brian Bogart
Document:The Rise of the National Security StatearticleDeep State
Wall Street
21 February 2012Mark Gaffney
Document:The World would not survive a Hillary Clinton PresidencyarticleHillary Clinton
US/2016 Presidential election
Clinton Foundation
18 April 2016Paul Craig RobertsHillary Clinton has escaped unharmed from so many crimes and scandals that she would likely be the most reckless president in American history. Considering the extraordinary destructive force of nuclear weapons, Hillary as president could mean the end of life on earth.
Document:Why Does the West Hate North Korea?articleSouth Korea
North Korea
8 March 2016Andre VltchekSuppressed information about North Korea and suggestions as to why it gets such a bad press in the West
Document:Saddam Hussein letter to the American Peopleletter2003 Iraq War7 July 2006Saddam Hussein