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(businessman, 9-11/Premature death?)
Ezra Harel.jpg
Born1 September 1950
Died24 November 2003 (Age 53)
"while sailing on a yacht off the Spanish coast"
Cause of death
Heart Attack
Parents • Aria Moalem Harel
• Shoshana (Morad) Harel
SpouseAdina Boton
Founder ofICTS International
Spooky businessman who founded ICTS International.

Ezra Harel was a spooky businessman. Reputedly the surname of Harel "is famous in the annals of the Mossad".[1]



He was in the airport security business with Menachem Atzmon.[2][3]


In January 2003, he was reported as the controling shareholder in Rogosin Enterprises to be "the most hated businessman" of 2002 after some extremely sharp business practice.[4] In May 2003 he was detained by the Israel Securities Authority on suspicion that he caused Rogosin Enterprises to collapse.[5] He owned a 65% stake in ICTS International when he reportedly suffered a fatal heart attack "while sailing on a yacht off the Spanish coast".[6]

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