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Group.png Groton School  
HeadquartersGroton, Massachusetts, US


Alumni on Wikispooks

Joseph Alsop10 October 191028 August 1989USJournalistInfluential journalist very close to the CIA
McGeorge Bundy30 March 191916 September 1996USSpook
Deep state actor
S&B, Deep state actor, National Security Advisor
Bronson Cutting23 June 18886 May 1935Activist
A US senator whose efforts to reform the banking system appeared to be gaining traction in 1934. He died in a plane crash in 1935.
F. Trubee Davison7 February 189614 November 1974USSpook
Son of influential banker Henry Davison. Worked with deep state operatives Judge Gary and Bill Donovan. After WW2 Director of Personnel for the CIA.
Marshall Green27 January 19166 June 1998USDiplomat
Deep state actor
US coup master
E. Roland Harriman24 December 189516 February 1978Central bankerwell connected Bonesman banker
Walter Russell Mead12 June 1952USAcademic
Stanley Rogers Resor5 December 191717 April 2012USCivil servantUnited States Secretary of the Army during the Vietnam War.
John Hay Whitney17 August 19048 February 1982Diplomat
Deep state operative
Billionaire active investor, U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom 1957-61

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