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ARTE is a Franco-German free-to-air television network that promotes cultural programming. With a 1-2% market share, this small, highbrow viewership created a window that for several years made it possible to commission or produce a remarkable number of daring and thorough documentaries, covering subjects that other government or corporate channels barely touched, like the deep state, false flag events, Gladio, corruption in the WHO, etc.

This relative freedom was noticeably reduced after 2014 and the new media clampdown after the coup in the Ukraine. Now it follows the NATO narrative to a far greater degree.


As an international joint venture (an EEIG), its programmes focuses to audiences in both countries. It is made up of three separate companies: the Strasbourg-based European Economic Interest Grouping ARTE GEIE, plus two member companies acting as editorial and programme production centres, ARTE France in Paris (France) and ARTE Deutschland in Baden-Baden (Germany).

The French propagandist Bernard-Henri Lévy has been on the board since 1993, but the channel apparently still had editorial freedom.

Documentaries available online (English text)

  • A 2016 documentary, WHO, in the clutches of lobbyists, found personnel overlap between WHO and Gates foundation.

Documentaries (no English text)


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