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The Danish deep state, not yet well documented here.

The Danish deep state is not yet well documented here.


71 Danes have visited the Bilderberg, but no Danes are known to have attended Le Cercle. Editors seem to be very well represented among Danish Bilderbergers.


Many people who participated in the resistance against the German occupation of Denmark, often working closely in exile with Britain from London or Stockholm, became core players in the rebooted deep state networks in the decades after the war.

Henrik Kauffmann, Danish Ambassador to Washington during World War 2, signed on his own initiative, "in the Name of the King", an "Agreement relating to the Defense of Greenland" authorizing the United States to defend the Danish colonies on Greenland from German aggression.

Post WW2

The 1948 Easter Crisis was a psychological operation created to raise the fear that the Soviet Union or Soviet-aligned Danish Communists were planning an imminent invasion or coup d'état in Denmark.


Ole Bjørn Kraft was consulted by Józef Retinger when setting up the Bilderberg. Terkel Terkelsen went to the first Bilderberg in 1954. He later attended 18 subsequent meetings up to 1980 and became a member of the Bilderberg Steering committee. He was editor of Berlingske Tidende.

Documents released decades later showed that Prime Minister H. C. Hansen (1955-60) was an informant for US intelligence services. He also blatantly lied to the Danish people and parliament about secret stationing of US nuclear weapons on Greenland.



In 1974 "the secret stay-behind army Absalon tries in vain to prevent a group of leftist academics from becoming members of the directing body of the Danish Odense University whereupon the secret army is exposed."[1]

Niels Nørlund became a member of the Bilderberg steering committee on 1st January 1975, when Terkel Terkelsen resigned and passed on his position to him.[2]



In 1992 Danish citizens initially rejected the Maastricht treaty on European Union. A second referendum was held.[3]

Tøger Seidenfaden, an influential editor, went to 11 Bilderbergs from 1994 to 2006. He was also on the Trilateral Commission's Executive Committee.

After revealing the secret stationing of US nuclear weapons on Greenland, the journalist Poul Brink was charged with revealing state secrets. For several years Brink was shadowed by unknown persons. He died, stated to be from a heart attack, while jogging in 2002.

21st Century

The Danish government was generally cooperative with the "War on Terror" project.


Anders Eldrup went to his first Bilderberg in 2001. He later joined the Steering Committee and has been a promoter of the Bilderberg agenda of reduced carbon emissions, more expensive energy, and what they call "Green Growth".

Poul Brink, a journalist from Danmarks Radio and author who had exposed the Danish Prime Minister H. C. Hansen's role in allowing nuclear weapons in Greenland, died from a "heart attack" in 2002, aged 49.[4]



Resistance against mandatory COVID-19 vaccination was peaceful and effective.[citation needed] Denmark paused its vaccination programme on April 26th 2022.[5]


Danish Defence Intelligence Service

Full article: Danish Defence Intelligence Service

The Danish Defence Intelligence Service is a secretive and unaccountable secret service. In August 2020, its chief, Lars Findsen, was suspended (with pay) after the Danish Intelligence Supervision Commission charged him and 3 others, including his predecessor, Thomas Ahrenkiel, with spying on the supervisory board members, and withholding or lying about key and crucial information of other criminal activity, including illegal cooperation with the NSA to bug Danish fibre optic cables and Danish citizens without a warrant.[6]

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