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Узбекистан на глобусе.svg
Flag of Uzbekistan.svg
Capital cityTashkent
LocationAsia, Central Asia
Typenation state

Uzbekistan is a doubly landlocked nation state in Central Asia.


Craig Murray, UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan was so concerned about the support (military, financial and political) that UK and NATO countries were "giving the appallingly repressive Uzbek regime" that he blew the whistle on UK support for torture in the country. He writes: "I felt so strongly about this I was prepared to give up my career for it, and in Murder in Samarkand (Dirty Diplomacy in the USA) I published a 440 page account of how our policy was fundamentally wrong."

In 2017, he remarked about Newsweek's blaming Uzbekistan for "terrorism" that "it is because of the Uzbek regime’s mutual cooperation with the USA in the War on Terror, and the use of that pretext by the dictatorship, aided and abetted by the CIA, to ramp up repression, that Uzbek terrorism is occurring."[1]


Ambassadors to Uzbekistan

Nation stateStartDescription
Ambassador to Uzbekistan
UK/Ambassador to Uzbekistan1993


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