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(deep state actor, spook)
Donald Gregg.jpg
BornDonald Phinney Gregg
Hastings-on-Hudson, New York
Alma materWilliams College
ChildrenLucy Steuart Gregg
SpouseMargaret Curry-Gregg
Member ofCouncil on Foreign Relations/Members, Goldman Sachs/International Advisors, Operation 40
US deep state actor who worked in the CIA with George H. W. Bush

Employment.png United States Ambassador to South Korea

In office
September 27, 1989 - February 27, 1993

Donald Gregg is US deep state actor who worked in the CIA with George H. W. Bush,


He was trained as a crytanalyst and recruited by the CIA. He was CIA station chief in South Korea from 1973 to 1975, an assignment he personally requested.


He was an associate of George H. W. Bush, Gregg was involved in Iran-Contra from the inception. On March 17, 1983, fellow Operation 40 member, Felix Rodriguez met with Gregg at the White House and presented a five-page proposal for the creation of a "Tactical Task Force" for the "pacification" efforts in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. Gregg then recommended Rodriguez' plan to United States National Security Council adviser Robert McFarlane, with a secret one-page memo on "anti-guerrilla operations in Central America". This marked the beginning of U.S. support for the Nicaraguan contras. In June 1985, Gregg met with Rodriguez and U.S. Army Colonel Jim Steele of the U.S. Military Group in El Salvador during the height of the guerrilla war.[1] In December 1985 Rodriguez attended Bush's White House Christmas party and was introduced as an old friend of Gregg's. In January 1986 Rodriguez met with Gregg's deputy in Salvador. In May 1986 Rodriguez met with Gregg, Bush, and Oliver North in Bush's office. In August 1986 Gregg met with Rodriguez and Bush. (Gregg soon met with Alan Friers to support arms purchases from Rodriguez instead of Richard Secord.) John K. Singlaub warned North in September 1986 that too much contact with Rodriguez would be bad for the administration.[citation needed]


Related Quotation

William Barr“As I sat down, Spence seated himself on the chocolate sofa next to a man in his late fifties, who had balding black hair and brown, round-framed glasses. He wore a blue, pinstripe suit, white shirt and a red tie. A miniature U.S. flag was pinned on his lapel. Spence introduced the man to me by name and also disclosed his title. He was in the administration of George H.W. Bush. I feel that the Bush administration had decided to pull out a big gun to eradicate any traces of Gregg's affinity for gay escorts, because Gregg had been so instrumental in Iran Contra and because he was en route to becoming the United States Ambassador to South Korea.
Spence had dropped the name name of the cabinet member months earlier, when he revealed that he routinely provided him with adolescent boys.”
William Barr
Henry Vinson


Event Participated in

Bilderberg/198510 May 198512 May 1985New York
Arrowwood of Westchester
Rye Brook
The 33rd Bilderberg, held in Canada


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