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Group.png Goldman Sachs/International Advisors
(International Advisors to Goldman Sachs)Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Membership• Antonio Borges
• Diethart Breipohl
• Chester A. Crocker
• Charles Curran
• Guillermo de la Dehesa
• Vladimír Dlouhý
• Oscar Fanjul
• Toshihiko Fukui
• Toyoo Gyohten
• Jaime Garcia-Parra
• Donald P. Gregg
• Brian Griffiths
• Victor Halberstadt
• Geraldo Hess
• Kihwan Kim
• Klaus Luft
• Leslie Maasdorp
• Jacques Mayoux
• Charles Miller Smith
• Linda Bardo Nicholls
• Arifin M. Siregar
• Martin Taylor
• Akani Thapthimthong
• Karel van Miert
• Howard R. Young
• Arthur G. Altschul
• Thomas Bär
• Robert B. Zoellick
• Judd Greg
• Claudio Aguirre
• José Luís Arnaut
• Erik Åsbrink
• Efthymios Christodoulou
• Juan Claro González
• Charles de Croisset
• Walter W. Driver Jr
• Otmar Issing
• Roberto Junguito
• Mario Laborín Gómez
• Ian Macfarlane
• Axel May
• Tito T. Mboweni
• Enrico Vitali

International Advisors to Goldman Sachs from 2002[1] and March 2014[2], no doubt a well paid job, and possibly as a reward for services rendered while in their earlier political/managerial position.

Over the years, the company has gotten more coy in releasing the names...


Known members

14 of the 43 of the members already have pages here:

José Luis ArnautDouble Bilderberg Portuguese lawyer politician
António BorgesPortuguese economist and banker. Managing Director and International Adviser of Goldman Sachs. Attended Bilderberg/1997 and Bilderberg/2002
Efthimios ChristodoulouGreek Bilderberg businessman and central banker who attended Bilderberg/1990.
Chester CrockerUS diplomat who was appointed to the World Bank’s Independent Advisory Board, to provides advice on "anti-corruption" just arter attending the 2008 Bilderberg
Guillermo de la DehesaPolitician, then Goldman Sachs/International Advisors, Group of Thirty, Double Bilderberg
Oscar FanjulChilean economist with US deep state connections. Goldman Sachs, CFR, 1990 Bilderberg
Donald GreggUS deep state actor who worked in the CIA with George H. W. Bush
Brian GriffithsUK politician, adviser to Margaret Thatcher. Goldman Sachs
Toyoo Gyohten
Victor HalberstadtA professor of economics, with a minimal Wikipedia page, who has attended all Bilderberg meetings since 1975.
Otmar IssingTriple Bilderberger European central banker
Karel van MiertAttended the 1993 Bilderberg as European Commissioner for Competition
J. Martin TaylorUK Millionaire banker and businessman. Former Bilderberg steering committee
Robert ZoellickWorld Bank president, White House Deputy Chief of Staff, Multiple deep state connections
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