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Group.png University of Zurich  
University of Zurich seal.svg
HeadquartersZürich, Switzerland
Type• Public university
• research university
University located in the city of Zürich, Switzerland

The University of Zurich is a public research university located in the city of Zürich, Switzerland. It is the largest university in Switzerland,[1] with its 28,000 enrolled students.[2] It was founded in 1833[3] from the existing colleges of theology, law, medicine which go back to 1525, and a new faculty of philosophy.


Alumni on Wikispooks

Willy Bretscher18971992SwitzerlandEditor
Deep state functionary
Influential Swiss editor for many decades
Pascale Bruderer-Wyss28 July 1977SwitzerlandPoliticianSwiss politician. In 2009/10 she was President of the National Council.
Carl Burckhardt10 September 18913 March 1974SwitzerlandDiplomat
President of the International Committee of the Red Cross (1945–48), where he assisted Germans wanted for war crimes escape to South America. September 1955 and 1956 Bilderberg meetings.
Peter Forstmoser22 January 1943SwitzerlandAcademic
Swiss lawyer, academic, money man
Kurt Furgler24 June 192423 July 2008SwitzerlandPoliticianPresident of Switzerland. 3 Bilderbergs, from 1970 to 1980. Wanted a strong central government and integration with the European Union.
Doris Leuthard10 April 1963SwitzerlandPolitician
Single Bilderberg President of Switzerland
Willy Linder16 March 192215 August 2000SwitzerlandJournalist
Single Bilderberg economist journalist
Urs Rohner1 December 1959SwitzerlandFinancier
Urs Schwarz25 February 190512 October 1996SwitzerlandEditorAttended 2 Bilderbergs in the 1960s as ex International Press Institute/President
Rolf Schweiger9 January 1945SwitzerlandPolitician
Deep state functionary
Swiss lawyer, politician and Bilderberger businessman with deep state connections.
Cornelio Sommaruga29 December 1932SwitzerlandDiplomat
Attended as President of the International Committee of the Red Cross
Sigmund Widmer30 July 191911 August 2003SwitzerlandPoliticianAttended 1975 Bilderberg as Mayor of Zurich
Jürg WitmerSwiss?Lawyer
Big pharma single Bilderberg businessman