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Someone who tries to persuade people of things they themselves do not believe or are uncertain of.

A Propagandist engages in Propaganda.

Rachel Schraer is a propagandist. She is not interested in basing the message on the information, but on selecting/fabricating information to help support the pre-determined message.”
Tareq Albaho (October 2022)  [1]


Office Holders on Wikispooks

Victor Lasky19561960
Roger Farnham18981911Heavily involved in the Panama canal scam


Official examples

Eva Golinger19 February 1973VenezuelaJournalistA crusading journalist in the cause of exposing US interference in Venezuela and Latin America generally. She has particular expertise in the circumstances surrounding the death of President Hugo Chavez
Patrick Lancaster1982USWhistleblower
Former US Navy sailor living in Donbass who covered the war since the beginning.
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