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Hasbara may refer to any of these, click for fuller coverage:

  • Hasbara (history) meaning of the word and history of Israeli efforts since 1977. Detailed coverage.
  • Wikipedia's Hasbara - how hasbara has come to dominate all articles on Israel/Palestine at the Wikipedia. Mis-used sources, heavy-handed administrative interference and a lot of tricks. Detailed coverage.
  • Hasbara (2009 Manual) examination of the 2009 Global Language Dictionary a professionally researched 116-page guide by The Information Project (TIP), 2009.</ref>, a professionally researched 116-page guide by The Information Project (TIP). Partial coverage, please add.


A Hasbara victim on Wikispooks

Alison ChablozProfessional musician harassed and prosecuted in the UK for publishing satirical songs about 'The Holocaust'


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