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Hasbara may refer to any of these, click for fuller coverage:

  • Hasbara (history) meaning of the word and history of Israeli efforts since 1977. Detailed coverage.
  • Wikipedia's Hasbara - how hasbara has come to dominate all articles on Israel/Palestine at the Wikipedia. Mis-used sources, heavy-handed administrative interference and a lot of tricks. Detailed coverage.
  • Hasbara (2009 Manual) examination of the 2009 Global Language Dictionary a professionally researched 116-page guide by The Information Project (TIP), 2009.</ref>, a professionally researched 116-page guide by The Information Project (TIP). Partial coverage, please add.


A Hasbara victim on Wikispooks

Alison ChablozProfessional musician harassed and prosecuted in the UK for publishing satirical songs about 'The Holocaust'


Related Quotation

'Feliks'“Wikipedia is not just what it appears to be. It is more than a lexicon. It is also a bogus encyclopedia, a small but effective opinion manipulation machine. In certain areas, the encyclopedia becomes a pseudo-encyclopedia and has for years been dominated by a small group consisting of approx. 200 people. The only thing remaining is something that looks like a reference book, but is in the hands of dogmatists and people who write in Wikipedia non-stop, but have no qualifications in the areas they write about.”'Feliks'
Dirk Pohlmann
Markus Fiedler
24 December 2018


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TitleTypePublication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:Israel’s Information Opsarticle20 August 2014Philip GiraldiAn overview of complex, worldwide Israeli 'Information Operations' conducted in support of its murderous military
File:Hasbara Handbook.pdfhandbookMarch 2002WJUSA handbook for students on how to promote Israel in Universities
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